Monday, February 24, 2014

Greta & Family - part c

This will be the final installment of this family because of 1) circumstances in the game, which you're about to see and 2) my new computer arrives tomorrow and I'm starting clean.

Carrie hanging with the twins. As expected, Joshua is having a hard time making friends, being so mean and arguing all the time.

I've never had a chemistry set before, and this made me laugh.

You know I've been trying to get Mike alien pregnant. He has 7 logic points and was stargazing tonight, as usual when suddenly people ran up to him and the game made a message noise. Something like "sees a meteor, and it seems to be getting closer.", no! This has never happened before! No!

Juniper, what were you doing outside? 

Joshua ran out and saw his father die. Juniper was singed, as is the front door and the stuff on the porch and yard destroyed.

Greta is left a widow with 5 kids.

Carrie is sick with grief as is Jackson and poor Greta is heart broken. As am I. I'm done with this family. 

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