Thursday, February 06, 2014

Asylum - House Tour

Let me show you around.

Top-down view. I'm a bad builder, so everything is rectangular. Since everyone has "hates the outdoors", I gave them an indoor pool to count as one of the skill-building options - there can be only 5.

Calendar, to mark off how long we've all been in, phone, bookshelf, gathering area with television. 

Rules state the "cheapest" TV, but it was wrong-looking, so I went with the 2nd cheapest for the look.

Kitchen is simple. I did add a trash compactor later as well as a washer/dryer.

Skill area left
Guitar and treadmill

Lemonade refreshment area next to pool

2 modest bathrooms. I'm constantly cleaning the toilet. With 8 people, it gets messy fast.

Skill area right
Easel and telescope. Rules didn't mention a problem with a mirror, so I added one, and a wardrobe. However, they are all "inappropriate" so they change clothes willy nilly and the wardrobe doesn't seem to matter.

Single bedrooms right

Single and double bedroom, left.
Place your bets as to who will be first to get snuggly in the double bed.

Center, the chill out room
If you live with 7 other crazy people, you're going to need somewhere to just go and be alone. This is my 6th chair and the only nap-able one, as allowed. Lots of pretty things in here, but nothing to do beyond the bookshelf, of which there is no restriction.

Exterior and cast:
Barbie - beloved childhood doll; easily impressed, lucky
Captain Jack Harkness - Doctor Who's friend who runs Torchwood, paranormal investigator and sexpot; flirty, hopeless romantic
Kim Kardashian - famous for no reason, saying her name invokes her like Beetlejuice, paparrazi plague, generally useless individual who isn't attractive but thinks she is; dramatic, mooch
Luigi - younger brother to video game Mario; good, loser; likes a PB&J
Fairieifre - my sim self
Elvis Presley - 1950s singer/songwriter and hip-shaker; virtuoso, charismatic; loves fried PB&J
Sherlock Holmes - brilliant detective consultant; brooding, genius; enjoys fish & chips
Emma Watson - the actress who played Hermoine in the Harry Potter movies; bookworm, friendly

Who will set the first fire? Who will be first to pass out on the floor? Who will be first to use the double bed together? And will I ever escape? I have to reach the end of the Mystic career, as chosen by random dice roll. I've never played that career before, so it'll be all new.

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