Saturday, February 15, 2014

Picking Up the Pieces - part 2

Greta has begun having those baby dreams, suggesting she's ready to move forward with family life, but the relationship is still in the red a little bit.

 Who has two thumbs and loves waffles? This guy! Mike has waffles as his favorite food and keeps serving them. Greta's never eaten anything but waffles at this time.

A little flirting, a little chatting, things are improving.

How to Repair Trust, by Simon Sim. Yes, I'm doing all that...

Neat sims floss, apparently. I've never seen this before.

Greta: Mike, let's have a date. Let's get things back to where they belong. 
Mike: Great idea, Greta. Let's hit that local bistro.

They changed into formal clothes, which I thought was cute. The place became packed right after they arrived. 

But something didn't agree with Greta. She seems to have a delicate digestive system. After this, everyone had thought bubbles about her. How embarrassing.

Greta: This date is getting my heart pumping!

Mike: Not just yours!
Townie: You know it's raining, right? Here, I've got you lovebirds covered.

Greta: Maybe it's time we started on the pitter patter of training wheels?
Mike: Let's go home.

The date went well. They are just barely in the green, so they couldn't whoohoo, but they made out and went to sleep.

The next night, Mike was in the hot tub when Greta got home from her workshop. 
Greta: Hi.
Mike: Hello, yourself. Get over here, Gretsky. Let me rub those knots out.

Greta: Smooth talker.

 Let's just say the at-home date went well. Really well. 

They love their house.

The next day, Greta is sick. Does this mean...? I use the "risky whoohoo" mod, so there is no lullaby, but always a chance of baby with whoohoo, so maybe. But then again, she has thrown up several times for no reason, so she could just be ill. I do think Mike had "germy" roll up the other day, too. Could be the flu. 

 Nope, that day she popped!
Greta: Mike, I'm pregnant!
Mike: That's terrific, honey! Sorry about your outfit.

Mike: I'm so excited to be a dad! I bet this will be the icing on patching things up between us, too. Oh, a little Gretsky and me. This is amazing news.

They resume their readings, Mike on relationships and Greta on pregnancy. 

Pregnancy makes her horny! Greta kept rolling up the want to whoohoo and make out and kiss. Did you know that the 3rd day, a pregnant sim can't use the hot tub?

I haven't had a pregnant sim in forever. I missed their cute bumps and waddles.

She wanted to read another pregnancy book. I gave her a few days off of the art studio, as if it were a real job.

All out of waffles in the fridge, I made her make mac'n'cheese. She set it on fire. Ugh. Please don't die! She put the fire out.

Greta: Ah, salad; that I can handle!


 Meet Carrie. Here's our little family, home safe from the hospital.

Mike is always picking her up, playing with her, she really never gets to sleep for long as he's all over her. Smitten dad.

Mike: Carrie, I'm your Daddy. Your Mommy is sleeping, but I've got you, sweetheart.

He even blows raspberries on her belly. I'd never seen this before either. She's smiling, so cute.

Greta's back to work. I have to have a little faith that Mike can take care of Carrie while Greta's gone since he's not playable. A problem I ran into is that "artisan" is not able to be registered at City Hall as a job. This puts a damper on my game play as she's the breadwinner and appears to be unemployed. Also, the stuff she makes (jewelry, glass sculptures, perfumes) are not sellable at the consignment shop. That's the 2nd knot in this rope. I can sell the items directly, but haven't done so yet. A bit frustrating. I could get her a traditional job at this point, but it seems fruitless. 

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