Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Picking Up the Pieces - part 4

I had to cut my play time short last chapter, though I was nearly through, as it was bedtime on a work night - though with 5 jobs, almost every night is a work night; c'est la vie, the life I choose.

Those rabbit killers, Greta and Mike were at it again and I fear another bump in the future, which would lose the challenge as it is limited to 2 children total. The risky whoohoo mod makes the lullaby silent, so I never know for sure, and I just indulge Greta when she wants something, including whoohoo. 

Big sister Carrie has been sweet with Jackson, offering him a bottle and playing peek-a-boo. The challenge rules don't state if I can control the children, or how old the children have to be at the time the challenge ends (could be grown, in fact - that needs rewriting for speficity) so I figured I can control the kids, but didn't do anything to control them until childhood.

Doesn't he look genuinely surprised? Oh, object permanence, you get toddlers every time!

Carrie: Mom said she burned mac'n'cheese? It looks so easy. I'll make a blueberry muffin and start learning about the oven and be a better cook than her!

Carrie is athletic, so she and Greta made a hockey snowman. I don't know if this is a controllable thing as I'm new to Seasons, so I just let them do whatever and get surprised.

Admittedly, I love how they play pretend with the costume box.

Carrie is eager to have her own room, but there is no money right now. Jackson keeps waking her up in their shared bedroom. All money is going to the challenge rules at this time. Still need 10k more.

The kids' room updated.

Carrie and Mike make an ordinary snowman. Boring, but she still had fun.

Greta goes to the consignment shop (to sell garden products and any jewels she finds) and met Edgar Morgloudin! They seemed to have a lot in common.

For some reason, the guy who used to work in the shop doesn't work there anymore and this guy will never let her use the Buy/Sell option. She can click it, but nothing happens, only since this guy took over. She's having to sell everything to the "trash" in the inventory for a lower cost. I hate this guy. She even tried to be friends, but it didn't help.

Carrie built an igloo all by herself.
Carrie: This? It was easy!

Greta: Let me just set my sandwich on the floor here, instead of on this table to recognize the flutterings of life going on yet again. 

That leaves us just 2 more days to finish the challenge until we're lost. Greta goes to the Prism workshop. She's maxed the artisan levels and can make a Menus de Vilo bust for 30,000. She does and we win!
I really like this family and am going to keep laying them. Future posts will be under the name Greta. I'd love to see Mike alien pregnant.

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