Sunday, February 09, 2014

Asylum Challenge - part 3

Elvis: It turns out people love imaginary stuff, like these bunnies. And, I think that's a cover of one of my songs playing in the background. I bet the royalties I've been making are tucked away in my accounts. I must be filthy rich...

Luigi: Emma, I have an idea for a game. It stars Luigi and you have to work together to build a rocket ship and explore space, collecting space rocks. It's 2-4 players, but there is no order to the players, so there is no Player 1.
Emma: Sounds great!

Emma: You might not want a second helping of pancakes, Kim. Your butt is getting pretty big.
Kim: Everyone loves a big butt.
Luigi: No one can get around your butt, Kim. It's too big. 

Barbie: A peace sign does too look like a chicken leg on a plate!
Jack: The history of the peace sign...
[Right before this they were flirting with one another, then straight to arguing.]

Elvis: This rug sure is fluffy!
Sherlock: It's made of alpaca, that's llama fur. But, yes, fluffy.
[Way to make an effort!]

[Elvis' painting is...abstract. He painted it in gravy. Kim is trying to see if she can determine if the neighbor is wearing designer shoes or knock offs.]

[Barbie changed into formal wear to clean the toilet. I'm just glad whenever anyone cleans anything, which is fairly often.]

[Accidentally accepted a date then realized it was off property and had to send Fairiefire back home.] 

Jack: Aliens are real! I knew it. I mean, I knew it all along, but this one...I've never seen one like this. With an umbrella and everything. It's name was Eni Jish Exipelh. What just happened to me?

Kim: Luigi, do you want to share a bed tonight? 
Luigi: No thanks. I'm nobody's Player 2 anymore.

Elvis: What the heck was that thing? A CD? I don't understand how the needle gets in those tiny grooves.

[Sherlock is proving that he can make friends. Jeez.]

[Elvis threw his clothes on the floor to paint in his undies. Um...]

Kim: Does that guy have wings? What's going on around here? Maybe this is like The Real World! I'm going to win! Call in and vote for me. I'm so popular.

[There was a lot of breakage and that was a problem as nobody could be asked to fix anything and nobody did it autonomously. Fairiefire had only 1 point in handiness and reading takes her forever. You can't see it, but the dishwasher is broken, for the 10th time.]

[Elvis throws Kim a bone, so to speak.]

Kim: I'm just going to stand out front and look for wealthy men wandering by.

Sherlock: Playing the guitar is much like playing the violin. Not as fun, but just as easy.

Elvis: Oh, I'm going to argue with that Sherlock! I'm the one with groupies in this house. How dare he play the guitar, and pretty well, actually.

[I thought food was going to be a problem so I started making serving dishes whenever I cooked, but they took it upon themselves to do the same, so no one was ever hungry for long.]

Luigi: They make it look so easy. It is not easy.

[If you've not thrown a costume party in the fall, I recommend it. Too funny to see what everyone wears! All my characters changed clothes, too.]

Barbie: My outfit is perfect, but it's a costume party, so I'll use a scary mask. 

 Luigi: I'm Doctor Mario! [Oh, Luigi, this is a setback.]

Fairiefire: Boss? Uh, wow, you look...young.
[This was my favorite! She's an elder.]

Sherlock: Good, good, everyone is yawning at once while having a wonderful time! Now to administer the antidote. Watson? Watson, where's the antidote?
Emma: What?

Elvis (dressed as robber):  Kim, you need to learn to cook, to clean, to be nice, to put others first. You're never going to keep a man with as needy as you are.

Sherlock: ...
[He's clearing his mind in meditation.]

Luigi: The paper had some ads for apartments. I think I'll move into my own place. 

Kim: Jack, Emma said my butt looked big.
Jack: Yeah. I thought you liked that?
Kim: But I don't have any opinions of my own. It's all what I think everyone else wants from me. 
Jack: Well, that's your problem, right there. At least you know where to begin.
Barbie: This sure isn't Barbie's Dream House. 
Jack: No? It's pretty close to mine!

Barbie: Almost enough powder to go snowboarding!

 Barbie: You know what? I'm Barbie! I can do anything, be anything, and I'm amazing. People love me. Kids love me. I even dated GI Joe! Now I know about boundaries and I'm all set. I'm not fake, I'm versatile.

 Luigi: And then I'll say "Mario, I love you, but it is time I do my own thing. I'm moving out and pursuing my own goals." And then we'll hug, he'll cry, and I'll go. Yes.

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