Sunday, January 21, 2007

Apocalypse Now - Ch 5

This made me laugh: No, professor, the cat really did destroy my homework!

After a three week break from the Sims, it feels to good to be Simming again! All I have to say for this installment is "Stupid Inteenimater!" Rather, stupid me for forgetting to turn it off. I ended up having to boolprop her pregnant but I figure it's okay since she really did get pregnant on her own with the same person, and it was due to my hack that shouldn't have been on that she miscarried. On with the story.

Since we last spoke, I had a birthday where all of a sudden, my hair greyed and my back began to ache. I suppose it was going to happen sooner or later. I've lived a good life and a hard life, both. I have two wonderful kids, a great husband - yes, Zion and I finally married. It was not the wedding most have, but I suppose it was a huge savings. We just said a few sweet thing to each other and I vowed to be his forever. Since my days are now numbered anyway, it wasn't a big stretch. I'd already been faithful to him since he moved in, so we were married in my heart. I never told him about Mr. Floor Mop and our slow dances.

My twins, Veronica and Miles, did this choreographed hygeine distress dance. It was not the family smustle, but syncronized stinking. They, by some miracle, both grew from child to teen in excellent temperments and were pleased with themselves and one another. They're also the best of friends. I wasn't surprised when I saw that they had both chosen the same bolt of cloth to sew their pajamas from. Zion laughed like crazy that neither of them knew the other was using that material, but I figured it was just a twin thing. They're different people, but there is an unbreakable bond between them. They both have my eyes and dark hair - although my hair is now far from dark - but they have Zion's unfaltering presence of mind and easy wit. Good kids, the both of them. The only trouble they've faced as teenagers is a shared love. My old flame, Diane, from college wandered by one afternoon, looking quite bedraggled. I invited her in and got her cleaned up. It seems zombies had chased her from her hiding place where she'd been eeking out a life and she had been wandering for at least two days before she came across my place by accident. I invited her to stay with us, of course, but made it clear that she and I were just friends as I was married now. She hadn't seemed to age a bit. She said she'd been drinking the water from the canal and had no way to boil it first. Whatever toxins were in that water must have preserved her like the Fountain of Youth. I must say, I was a little envious, with my grey hair and sagging chest. And I was a little aroused by her as well, but I was faithful now - except for Mr. Floor Mop, but that doesn't count. Diane fell for Miles, but was also attracted to Veronica. Once Veronica found out about that, she developed a crush on Diane, which drove a wedge between her and Miles. I told Veronica that we needed her to reproduce, despite where her attractions lied, as we needed to continue to repopulate for the good of the city. She was furious with me and accused me of taking Miles' side. Ah, if she only knew the history between Diane and me, she wouldn't say that. I didn't even like the idea of Miles dating Diane, since I knew Diane's history and that she was so much older than him. He was still a teenager, yet he and Diane married. I gave them my blessing, as I felt I must. They got pregnant right away and Diane miscarried. It was no surprise with the malnutrition she'd suffered and the stress of being chased from her home by zombies. They tried again right away - well, they were intimate, but Miles said he honestly didn't want her to get pregnant yet, but with no available birth control - and she was pregnant again, only to miscarry again. Pregnant for the third time, she told none of us. She never showed either. The baby was born premature and so tiny. We were all worried that he wouldn't survive. He was no bigger than a peanut and we had no hospitals to care for his special needs. We took turns staying up all night and day to care for him and make sure he was breathing and moving. Eventually he gained some weight, but the nickname Peanut stuck and none of us can remember what his real name was.

Zion doggedly pursued his goal of making a cleaner life for his family - and what was now future generations. He lead the RedCross restoration effort which provides us with clean water, supplies of medicine and contraceptives, and medical care. With clean water available, we immediately went scavenging for bathing tubs that we could carry back to the house as we all wanted a turn luxuriating in clean bathing water. I'm still upset that Zion never became a chef like he wanted to be, but Veronica has picked up his love of food - although the supplies are severely limited - and has been trying out new dishes on us whenever there is enough to work with. Zion brought home a surprise for Veronica - still nursing her heartbreak from her twin marrying Diane, her first crush - a gentleman from his work, a well paid doctor named Jihoon. He had seen Zion's sketches of Veronica and said if it wasn't too much, he'd like to meet her one day. Veronica hasn't mentioned him much, but I do hope love blossoms between them. I don't want my daughter to give up on her dreams or her love of women, if that's her choice, but in this day and age, with the world as it is, I think it would be best if she met a man and had some children. Oh, and don't worry about Diane and Miles. They're both still living with us (and Peanut) while Miles is working on a military strategy to make the streets safe from zombies and Diane is working with what's left of the local authorities to get patrols to remove the zombies as a threat. They both have Peanut as motivation now and are following their goals to make the city safe again.