Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Greta & Family - part a

Continuing from Picking Up the Pieces, Greta & Family is just free-play, no challenge rules.

The bus looks unsafe, but we let Carrie go to school anyhow. Her first scheduled day was a snow day, and she was fine with that.

The house is getting a little cramped, so we expanded the dining room.

Mike's hit a mid-life crisis - that'll happen when your character is not playable - and wanted to gain muscles and get a makeover. Easy enough now that I can set his controls.

While getting a makeover - which resulted in this - he rolled up the want to flirt with one of the stylists. Nope.
Greta: Carrie, guess what? Mommy's going to have another baby!
Carrie: But I'm already a big sister. What does this make me?
Greta: Still a big sister, but a big sister to more brothers or a brother and a sister.
Carrie: Doesn't sound that great.

Pregnant Greta helps Carrie with her homework while Mike looks in on Jackson.

Jackson as a child.

Greta, get your pregnant, nearly naked behind back in the house. What will the neighbors think?!? The asylum isn't even in this neighborhood.

And pregnancy still makes her randy.

 Mike: A third child. How can we be happier? 
Greta: You could carry it.
Mike: Would that I could...

Guess what induced labor? Yep, shower whoohoo. Those two...

Mike: Kids, stay with the babysitter and right to bed. You have school tomorrow, but Mommy and I have to go to the hospital and welcome your new little brother or sister.
Carrie: I hope it's a girl so we can pick flowers and do girl things.
Jackson: I hope it's a boy so we can get strong and do boy stuff.

Due to a freak electrical storm and a crystal skull, they both get their wish.
Greta: Seriously, Mike, we have enough children. 
Mike: Maybe just 3 more?
Greta: Don't even talk to me right now.

 Greta: I'm simply too exhausted to argue with you. Let's get them fed and down for a nap. I need some sleep. You're on first watch.
Mike: With pleasure, Gretsky. You certainly have earned your rest.

I totally forget what I named these kids. The girl was first and I didn't know it was twins. I gave her good and friendly. Since I had a second one come, I gave him the opposite, so he's evil and ...not loner...I'll have to get back to you on their traits.

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ksmomma said...

Wow, I can't even imagine taking care of all those kids! I like this story.