Friday, October 26, 2012

Morgloudins 4

Billie Sim finally dies, the kids grow up into fine little people, more hauntings, and time travel

For now, the twins are in the converted office as Amy is a toddler and still using that room.
You can see some of the family's achievements on the wall.

Billie cares for Amy in what I assumed were her final days.
Here, she's 85. But she lives to be 97!

"Good, good."
What? Why?

"Fire? No, not fire!"
The look on his face made me laugh. 
Maybe he fears Amy will be a flaming ghost baby.

Chris' ghost pays a visit as I forgot to have Edna "soothe spirit" at his grave.
He leaves the shower squeaky clean. 

Oh, no, you guys! 

Edna banishes ghosts.
"Yay, Edna, ghost slayer!" 

Just a quick shot of the twins as toddlers.
Their matching PJs are dragon-print. 

Antwain wanted more time to work out so I had him run all the way home from work.
That'll teach him to ask for alone time.
You have 3 kids that you wanted. No alone time for you.

Nora's outfit for work is leveling up.
She's a scientist. 

Edna makes her favorite: hot dogs. 

"Whatcha doin' on my land, missy?"
"I'm...I'm just banishing these ghosts, sir. I was sent by-"
"You're tresspassin', is what yer doin'."
"Sorry, sir. I'll be going right away." 

Edna is on duty at the cemetery and takes a swim in the reflection pool.
Bad form, Edna. 

Glitch: He's supposed to be holding her hands.
"Now walk like a gorilla."
"Yes, now walk like an Egyptian..." 

All 3 as toddlers for a day or two play together at the block and coloring table.
Amy's a girly-girl and the twins are just inseparable. 

This is my game mods not playing nicely together. 
Everything loaded in grey, but went back after a moment. 

Antwain became an elder (remember he was Nora's babysitter).
He had a mid-life crisis and changed some of his ways - like from slob to neat. 

Billie helps Amy with her homework now that Amy's a child.
Skeptical Billie isn't sure about this "new math." 

I assumed this was Billie's final moment. 
She stood on the porch thinking about her grandchildren. 
I thought "oh, sweet, she's fulfilled..." 

Until I spun around to see her face. 

"Who's my favorite? 
That's right. None of you."

Ghost Willy as a teenager makes a haunting appearance. 

"I said, who are you going to call?" 
Edna's new outfit for ghost busting is too cool. 

"Another baby, Antwain? I don't know We're good." 

The twins become children and their room gets an update. 

Nora thinks, "They are getting big, aren't they? Maybe after mom dies..."
And I waited and waited. 

"Edna, do you hear that?"
"Yeah, Mom, it's Ghost Song. I hear it all the time.
...Wait, YOU can hear that? But..." 

Oh, finally!
Billie dies of old age. 

Everyone turns out all upset. 
Long ago, she'd fulfilled her long-time wish of becoming a CEO and it's been forever since she retired. 

Nora, that's not appropriate!
Oh, it's also Nora's birthday. Sheesh. 

Clyde is a coward and all the excitement made him pass out.  
Clyde: coward, clumsy, grumpy.
Brendy: evil, light sleeper, mooch.
Amy: virtuoso, artistic, and perfectionist.
She also used to be over-emotional but that fell away somehow.

From gaining her long-time wish, Billie gets a cool headstone.
We revamp the corner of the yard to properly display everyone who has already passed. 

Chris approves.
"Now, my love, we can truly be together forever. 

"Now that your mother's passed, I was thinking we could use that bedroom to expand our family?"
"Well, I suppose we could try..."

"Hey, guys, whatcha doing? Remember me?"
"Dad, we were, uh... You have bad timing." 
Yes, that's actually how it went down in the game!

"Mom, if you keep haunting here, I'm going to use this Banshee Banisher to get rid of you for good."
"I'm so proud of you, Edna!"
"Mom, I'm serious." 
"I know. You always were. And so hardworking."

Did things take or was there spoiled food in the fridge? 

The twins do homework and are children now. 

Oh, I guess we're expecting!
Antwain wants to have 5 total kids. We'll see. 

Amy sleeps in what used to be Nora's bed upstairs with Edna.
Edna loves to work, so she doesn't socialize outside of the family much. 
She's not dating and doesn't seem interested in friends. 

Amy grows up into a pretty little teenager. 

Nora announces her pregnancy to Clyde. 
I found her stooped angle to be creepy.

So I missed the capture, but Nora said something about seeds to Antwain.
"Oh, yeah, I put those seeds in your fertile soil and we're gonna have some veggies!"
It was hilarious in my head. I LOL'd at the screen.

"Amy, I want to tell you something."
/rolls eyes "Yeah, Mummers?"
"I'm pregnant!"
"Wow. Yeah. Really? I couldn't tell." 

"Let's all thank Poppers for giving us a new brother or sister, or both like you!" 

Day 2.

When Amy was a tiny child, Chris gave her a locket.
It says her first name, then a bunch of symbols. 
Everyone thought it was gibberish, but Amy cracked the code and had to turn the locket this way and that.
Once it clicked, she jumped back and this time machine appeared in its place.
Amy decided to go into the future. 

What an adventure! 

The twins read in bed - the same book. 

It's time.
1 baby? 2? The household can't support 3, so that's out.