Friday, February 14, 2014

Picking Up the Pieces - part 1

 Yet another Sims 3 challenge. This is Picking Up The Pieces by XXSoulFire123. The original rules are here. Essentially, you're trying to repair a ruined relationship where the man, who has commitment issues, cheated, and the woman is the only playable character. The object is to have 2 kids and a certain amount of money, getting the relationship from all-the-way red to back in the green, of course.

Here's our cast: Greta Pitzer, an artist, who works at the new Prism Art Studio. I've opted to have her work set hours 5 days a week instead of having a traditional job.

This is Mike Pitzer. It's been my experience that Mike's cheat. But he'll be redeeming himself as house-slave while Greta works. He is an NPC - non-player character. He'll do what he does. I hope it's useful.

His tattoo says "gnome money", hehe.

On with the story. It'll be told from Greta's perspective unless otherwise noted.

Having moved to a new neighborhood, we hadn't settled in yet and didn't know anyone. What family we have left, wouldn't have wanted to, or wouldn't have been able to come to a wedding, so we decided to have a small wedding on the shores near our new home. For us, it was perfect.

There was no honeymoon budget, so we just spent the rest of the day laying around the beach, swimming, fishing, and having a picnic. 

Ariel: Congratulations on your wedding!

Who was that woman? Probably just some local, maybe even a neighbor. Boy, I love fishing!

They seem awfully close. What are they whispering and laughing about? I feel a bit left out.

A little too close for my comfort, but I'm just acting crazy. We just got married, for Sims's sake.

  But then this? What is this? Why would they be in the hot tub together? I mean, really! It's as if something is going on between them! [Greta and Mike argue. Mike insists "it's not what it looks like" but refuses to explain when questioned further.]

Our couple comes home and Mike is surprised to find that Greta has transformed their place into a love nest as a surprise wedding gift. There's hearts everywhere and it's just sickening. He loves it, they're sappy.

I wanted the house to look a certain way, so I moved them into an existing property and decorated it but didn't move any walls or anything major. I used "motherlode" cheat one time and will deduct that from my points to get my final score as they have to get a certain amount of money to win the challenge.


Bedroom, complete with rose petals

Baby's room - she's a plan-ahead kind of woman.

Living room

Dining area - couldn't you just puke? Even the wallpapers!

Kitchen and bathroom with heart mirror, but otherwise pretty normal

The dining tale didn't end up working (couldn't sit at the chairs) so I replaced it, but kept the decor as a "runner".

Thus, the house now looks like this:

Back to the story. I've now moved their relationship bars down to red and told them both to relax in bed and switched to controlling only Greta. The 3rd character has been moved out of the house in Edit Neighborhood. Challenge officially starts here.

Greta: I start at the studio tomorrow. What are you going to do all day?
Mike: I don't know. I want to learn the neighborhood. Probably pop down to the grocery, maybe paint in the yard a bit.

Greta: I hate when we fight.
Mike: You just have to trust me. There was nothing intimate about that woman and me. I swear.

Mike: Why'd I get married?
Greta: He was my whole world, how could he do that to me?

What will happen to our newlyweds? Can they overcome this indiscretion? Was it even an affair, or was Mike honest in saying it wasn't what it seemed? If so, what was all that? Will Mike ask for a divorce and ruin the challenge? Stay tuned for part 2.


ksmomma said...

Oh my, interesting challenge. Do you use a cheat to make Mike non playable or just not control him?

Semele RumbleSmith said...

I just leave him to his own devices. Like the asylum, not playing the other characters.