Monday, February 24, 2014

Greta & Family - part b

Greta is married to Mike Pitzer. They have daughter Carrie and son Jackson (currently children). Then Greta surprises us with twins Juniper and Joshua - just as different in personality as they are similar in looks (currently infants). 

Greta fulfilled her LTW which was to have a certain amount of money. Mike had a mid-life crisis as he'd been unplayable and unable to skill up his random career want. He made it through his mid-life only "okay" so I used the points he'd been banking to change his LTW to "surrounded by family", which means he wants a 5th baby. Give her a break, Mike. 

I thought I got a picture of both the kids doing this weird "preside over royal court", but I guessed I missed Jackson's. Carrie wears a paper chain, but Jackson had a chest piece made of cardboard and a foil cupcake liner. I don't like it, and Jackson does it all the time, even at the chess board.

With the family growing and the kids getting older, I upgraded what used to be the parents' room to a teen room. The parents' room is an addition next to the playroom, but separated by the wall and hallway. The playroom just has an arch, not a closing door, so everyone can hear them in the main body of the house.

Overview of the house.

Carrie as a teen. She's registered to become an inventor. Here's our whole family in one shot, with Jackson in the shower, perfectly censored by the sink, although the blur is also on.

Get that look out of your eyes, Mike! You have 4 kids. 
Mike: Only 4! I need 5 to truly be happy.
Sigh, fine. They try for baby and get lullaby on the first attempt. She doesn't "pop" for 3 days, though, and they keep rolling up the want to whoohoo an try for baby, both of them. I let them keep trying knowing she's already pregnant, but wondering why it hasn't shows up as true. I keep trying to Mike abducted.

Greta is sleeping, Carrie is sleeping and apparently dreaming about the commitment issues her father has, while Mike cares for the twins.

Carrie: Whoo! Gotta stay in shape. Today is the Festival of Love and I want to meet my mate there! I wonder if this rain will let up? [The rain did not let up and there was nobody there but her and her brother and some workers. Bummer. Greta's health was too precarious to go out and Mike was exhausted from his daddy role. And she wakes up and wants to work out for fun, weirdo.]

Jackson: Did they paint nice hearts on my face like I asked them too?  [Um... Those are not hearts. Stupid face painting booth.]

 Wild horses got stuck on my property and had to be cheated away. Who braided the wild horse's tail, anyhow?

The twins grow to toddlers, finally. The evil one, that's Joshy-Monster. Look at that face, thinking awful things already. "Accidentally" ripped out one of Greta's earrings. Sure. He laughs when Juniper cries. Terrible.

Juniper, the light to his dark, sleeps like an angel. I had colored these patterns for another set of boy/girl twins I played and had them as favorites, so I just went with it.

Space rocks and star gazing night after night, but not one alien!


 And more skilling

Greta: Sure is chilly tonight. Oh, maybe because I barely have any clothes on!

Carrie was super-helpful.

Mike loves his life, even though he only sleeps in naps.

Like I said, they just keep at it. Plus, being pregnant makes Greta horny, so she's satisfied.

Mike's flirtatious nature lets him give Amazing Massages.

Juniper: This is Mr. Man. Mr. Man lives in the house. Do-do-do, make him walk.

Joshua: Mr. Man is going to be eaten by Joshy-Monster! Rawr! Nom nom nom on Mr. Man.

 Greta: What have I signed on for? I knew you were in there! [Now that we know she can run to twins, what do you think she'll have?]

Greta: Mike, don't you go get alien pregnant! We can't both be in this state; there's only one toilet.

Greta reads to Juniper. I've actually never made a sim do this before. Just moments before the end of the book, Greta has to rush to the hospital.

Mike: Do I have the best life or what?! FIVE amazing children! [Carrie, Jackson, Juniper, Joshua, and Baby Walder, a boy. He stood next to the crib clapping for a creepily long time.]

The twins grew to children and now have the child-room off the playroom, with the costume chest in it.

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