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Asylum Challenge - part 4

Faririefire's Case Notes: Most everyone is ready to leave the asylum. They've been good influences on each other and created a therapeutic community where they bounced ideas and techniques off one another and have shown tremendous growth, for the most part. Now to finish reaching Mystic in my carer path and we can close this place down.

Sherlock: What is this?
Kim: It's fun! Haven't you ever had it before?
Sherlock: Intriguing!

Luigi: Huff, puff, got to trim up for Luigi's Rocket Race! Maybe we can incorporate the Wii Balance Board and count it toward the 60 minutes of movement children need each day! Oh, Luigi, you're so smart, you make your Momma proud.

Sherlock: How do you do that?
Kim: Do what?
Sherlock: Think of nothing? It takes me an hour of meditation to get to that stage. How long have you been training?
Kim: Training in what?

Barbie: This is a far cry from being a pilot or adventurer, but puddles need to be cleaned up. I truly can do anything.

Luigi: C'mon, man, move it. 
Sherlock: I was just thinking of how to make you more assertive. There, I've done it again! Watson, come here.

Fairiefire: We haven't talked much. How are you with things.
Emma: Really good, actually. The others have been a big help in letting me reflect on who I am and how I want things to be.
Fairiefire: How so?
Emma: I'm so grateful to have had 8 movies with the same character and I see it more positively now. And I have the rest of my years for acting in various other roles. I can do anything, just like Barbie says.
Fairiefire: Who'd have guessed she'd be your role model? 

Barbie: You really like to read, huh?
Emma: Actually, it's a script that just got couriered over. I'm considering reading for it. 
Barbie: Really? What's it about?
Kim: A script? That must be for me!

 Jack: The probes, oh gods, the probes...I mean, not so bad, actually, but not exactly consensual.

Luigi: I'm Player 1 and I go Number Two, haha!

Kim: You think that's a good body? You should eat!
Emma: I eat plenty, thanks. You should mind your business.

Elvis: Maybe I should just write lyrics? 

[Luigi, you dog! That's Kim. Better get yourself checked. We did have a huge bout of "germy" hit the house for a whole week. I blame Jack and Kim.] 

Jack: Beautiful out.

Barbie: Oh, you mean me? Thanks.

Fairiefire: I predict...5 husbands, 2 children, and 3 visits to the Maury Povitch Show to determine paternity.

 Kim: Look, my butt!
Emma/Jack: Ugh.

  Fairiefire: Finally, I'm a Mystic! I'll tell you one last fortune and then we'll do our final comments and go home.

Emma: I'm calling my agent. I'll take any role for the next couple of years and reestablish myself as an actress.

Kim: This was a waste of time. I didn't win. I didn't get to vote anyone out. I didn't even get paid for this. Ridiculous. You'll be hearing from my attorneys. I'm famous! [Not every story ends happily, and in therapy, you have to put in a little effort to see some results.]

Sherlock: I learned to make friends. I learned that friends get in the way of my work. I passed this experiment and have decided to revert to my old standard as it is the best thing for this consultant.

Elvis: I'm not dead. They think I'm dead and maybe that's okay. I'm going to write music and sell it under the guise of another rising star for a share of the profits. And I'm going to see what happened to Lisa. I miss her like a hunk of burnin' love.

Luigi: I'm my own Player 1 now. Thank you for the confidence. And thanks to Emma, too.

Jack: I don't care if no one believes in the things I've seen. I know more than many will ever comprehend. I'm going to use my wrist transponder and get back to Torchwood. I did bang everyone in the house, though, that was fun. [Yes, everyone.]

Barbie: I'm going to embrace the fact that I can be anything I want to be at any time, even a mermaid on a snowy night.

Fairiefire: Hello, keepers? I made Mystic. Come get us out of here! Yes, they gave me a free hat, too, it's all very lovely. Send the van.

[It took until the next morning for the van to come - roads were dangerous. Here's what happened that last night.]

[Fairiefire got asked out on several dates in a row. Where were these guys when she needed the extra friend points for the challenge? Finally able to leave the lot, she accepted them all.]

[Elvis got abducted by aliens. Jack understood how he felt and they made a kinship in shared experience.]

[Apparently, you can woohoo in an igloo.] 

[And this is the winner Fairiefire picked - duckie jammies. Seriously?] 

[Luigi had a birthday and everyone decided to throw him a party. He had never had a party just for him before.]

[WTF is this thing and where'd it come from? Showed up in...Luigi's? inventory. It's called Abracadabra. It moves around like a gnome or a weeping angel. Jack thinks we should send it back where it comes from and Sherlock wants to keep it under observation.]

[Sherlock got invited out on a date and went, with this werewolf, who happens to be married.]

[Her other boyfriend showed up and wooed her mid-date, so he and Sherlock became enemies and he went home.]

[Kim decided she was going to take everyone's advice and learn some fitness.]

[Elvis and Barbie enjoyed each other's company and agreed to keep in touch.]

[Jack...Jack was Jack.]

[Sherlock and Luigi were characteristically themselves as well.] 

[And Emma was ready to go back to the red carpet.]

Thanks for reading this. I hope you had a good time!

My thoughts on the challenge:
  • It was far too easy. Only twice did anyone fall asleep on the floor, and both in the first 2 days. Everyone took pretty good care of their needs and adjusted their sleep and bathroom schedules around each other, even with only 1 toilet. 
  • If I repeated the challenge, I'd add that each sim had to have some negative trait: loner, loner, kleptomaniac (there is a limit, but it is not mandatory), technophobe, unflirty, unlucky, clumsy, something in addition to their 3 given traits of "insane, hates the outdoor, and absent minded." Thus, you could only pick 1 trait for their personality in addition to whatever negative trait you gave them, but you could vary the negative traits by the type of personality you wanted them to have. I also wonder if having some supernatural sim (maybe a vampire?) might make it more interesting as well?
  • I'd also make the end goal to get to the highest level of career. Mystic was level 6 or so, and that wasn't hard to reach. I did randomly roll that, and had never played a fortune teller before, so I had no inside knowledge that would have made it easier. Also, that career may have been easier by default as there's no skill-building necessary, so maybe it should be excluded.
  • I missed the moodlet actions the Sims 2 asylum challenge had - dancing with the mop and snuggling the volleyball - and didn't see enough "crazy" in the house beyond some talking to self, which was boring and all the wrong clothes, which annoyed me constantly.
  • Playing celebrities made it 10x more fun than regular sims. I already knew in advance how I wanted certain interactions and who was going to change or not. I was open to seeing how they behaved and letting them run thing, though. Barbie and Elvis flirting threw me for a loop and their dialogue came from their natural interaction, as did Barbie and Emma's friendship. I had always pegged Emma as the voice of reason in the house, though I planned for them all to make her nuts in the end and it just didn't seem to go that way, so she got a happy ending instead.
  • Final score: 22 points: 3 friends, 8 people alive at the end (and only 2 fires), 27,000 aspiration points with none spent, and minus 16 for how many days it took me to finish, including the 2 days to figure out how to make a gypsy camp for the fortune teller career. I took the penalty days because I should have looked it up right away and didn't.

Thanks to Glitzy Angel for making the challenge, which you can find HERE and to The Sims Resource for 6 of the sims (not Fairiefire or Barbie, which I made) under celebrity, which you can find HERE.

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