Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cassada Play 8 - Leo

The shy Leo has his first kiss with equally shy Robin.
And like any man who is incredibly shy, after his first whoohoo, he thinks he's in love and proposes to Robin. Who, after her first whoohoo, accepts.
Robin moves in the next semester, after graduating herself.

*Interesting note: I have moved in / married in townies that were at university previously - rather Young Adult townies - and they always end up in their pre-uni stats (case in point mama Kim Fanboy) but Robin looks to be graduated with all the want and fear locks and slots. The only thing different between Kim and Robin was I installed the Teen Stuff pack. Anyone have any information to substantiate that?

However, Leo forgot to mention that in his haste to start a family, he'd agreed to take in an adoptive child from someone he barely knew. This woman up the street had failing health and she'd taken in a child from her cousin in an asylum. She kept saying he reminded her of her cousin's caretaker in Parallel Universe 39. Crazy must run in the family.
No matter. Lakshimi was genuinely glad to move in with Leo and have a permanent home. Robin was at work when Lakshimi (where does Maxis get these names?) was dropped off.

Oh, silly me, I should show you around the house. Leo has a great place! I was pleased with what a good job I did decorating it as that's not one of my strong suits. However, I did not design it. I wish I could remember what site I got it from.
This is the mudroom. We don't have those in Florida and I never heard of them in California either, but here it is. As soon as you walk in, you see the Homage to Fromage painting.
Lakshimi was so excited "This is MY room? Oh gosh I love it!" Well, you don't get it all to yourself. "What do you mean?"
Leo explained "Robin and I are having a baby. You'll have to share the room. Sorry we don't have a bigger place that you could have your own room." "I get a sister too? This going to be so much fun! My aunt had all these cats. This is going to be much better. You don't have a bunch of cats do you?" "We don't have any cats. And I'm not sure if it will be a sister or a brother. I'm glad you're so excited, though."

The baby's side is in the nautical theme to blend.
"Oh, Mommy Robin, I'm so excited about the baby! Do you think it's a boy or a girl?" "Time will tell, Lakshimi. We must be patient."
Back to the tour. Sorry for that excitement...

You've seen the kids' room. This is the adults' room.Nothing much to speak of except that you'll notice that the majority of the house is done in a traditional cheese and grilled worshiping style in muted browns and touches of orange wherever possible. Doesn't it just make you feel all toasted inside?

*Hint hint to any recolorers - I'd love to see Grilled Cheese furniture - bedspreads, throw rugs, the like.
The only bathroom. So far not a problem. Orange daisies, of course.
The kitchen has a horseshoe shaped counter only big enough for 1 to make grilled cheese at a time. A half wall divides it from the living room. The eat-in kitchen has a small table and chairs but never has pathing problems. There's a little stove for the kiddies and a high chairAs well as the time-out chair, which is used rarely.
Just opposite the time out chair is a reading nook and a long couch table that holds the phone and usually the newspaper or the mail.
A couch and a loveseat face one another and the tv. Leo's bass from college occupies one corner while a massage table and privacy screen occupy the other. Notice the sliding glass doors that lead out to a private balcony here. There is another in the kids' room.
Each evening, Leo gives Robin a sweedish massage. What a catch, huh? And to think he was a throw-away heir. This is the balcony outside of the living room. There is currently nothing on the other balcony. If you look in the background, you'll see the hammock between the two balconies. There's also a sit and spin water toy over there, but a little bit away from the hammock - because who wants to be woken from their lazy nap by sprays of water?
Leo took Lakshimi shopping and she got her I Love Brick shirt (above) and he hurt his wrist and had to walk around with it in an odd position all day. Don't worry, he's better now.
Lakshimi is a trouble maker.But loves her Grandpa Jordy!Down at the florist, where Grandma Kim works, Kim still fails at being a cashier - and after all these years? I guess she was on maternity leave more than at work... Look at her hair and makeup - its pre-adult, before marrying Jordy. Strange, huh?How could he love this kid more?
Awfully big for a first bump. No cheesecake in this household unless Robin has some at work without telling me. Will it be twins?


Vix said...

I think the full graduation thing is random. Some of my uni townies have shown up dropped out and had only the 4/3 ratio then the graduated have had all of the graduated perks.

Cassandra said...

/lol/ Robin is such a tramp in my game it's funny to see her all shy and sweet in yours!

Love the parallel universe stuff!!

I agree with Vix on the Uni thing ... I will also tell you there is a grow up townies mod that makes it so you can graduate them as well. It's at MATY.

Tiffany said...

Here's my thought on the graduation thing. If your sim graduates from university themselves then their chosen spouse (if a young adult) will get all the graduation perks. However, if the sim dropped out or never went to college then their spouse won't get any graduation perks. I've never tested this so I'm not totally sure...