Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Cassada Play 11 - College for 3 part 2

Gordon, Ryder, and Alessandro finish college. (Continuation from part 7)

Let's see...the dorm room that Ryder occupied was haunted by a mysterious bump in the covers.
Gordon proposed to Cass, who accepted. Are you surprised? They dated Gordon's freshman through Junior years. Cass graduated a year ahead of Gordon, and he proposed after her Senior finals (good boy for not stressing her out or distracting her before finals) and before her graduation ceremony.
Alessandro developed an obsession with flowers. We're all surprised. He moved his desk into his parents' house to make room for the flower bench. He's getting along okay, I think, but he only makes daisy bouquets. I suppose its what's readily available.
And our two boys with noses to speak of became best friends (Ryder on the left and Alessandro on the right).
Honestly, you didn't miss much. I only took 4 pictures. That's how little went on in college. /yawn

Since you didn't miss much, let's see them grow up.

Alessandro doesn't care who makes fun, he's going to be a professional street luge racer.
Ryder figures there are a lot of people vying for that crazy adventuring job and he'll need to face the world prepared in a sharp suit. Cass, oh my, that'll never do. You don't need to be your children's friends.
Gordon, an appropriate military look. Maybe he'll get the haircut of a grown up soon.

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