Friday, December 28, 2007

Cassada Play 12 - Ryder & Alessandro

Ryder and Alessandro, now graduated, moved into a swanky new house they share. They got Haiku House for a steal as it is rumored to be haunted. So far, they haven't seen any evidence of the haunting except that Ryder had a hard time getting out of the pool since a decorative plant blocked the clearance for the ladder. Ryder shouted for Alessandro, who grabbed a shovel and moved the plant. Ryder just hung onto the edge for a few minutes then he was free to move about. since that was the first time the pool was used, there is no evidence stating any haunting moved that plant or the pool ladder. So far so good regarding hauntings.
The only drawback is the single bedroom. Of course, since Ryder and Alessandro work different shifts, it is no problem.

Ryder is working in the adventurer field and is frequently away traveling looking for relics and exploring ruins. It is leading to some fascinating art in the house.

Alessandro is practicing his street luge and has a special board built to his body shape and weight for smoothest racing and fastest time. So far, he is in the junior amateur leagues, but one has to start somewhere.

Quick tour. Top story: Bedroom with seating area, bathroom.
2nd story: kitchen and dining room
and living area.
1st tory: Entertaining area including pool table flown in from an estate sale Ryder attended in Brunswick.
Also a tiny study that rarely gets used by these tenants.This is the first sheet of Washi hung by Ryder and Alessandro. Now its everywhere. Special pieces (like above the desk in the study) are here and there for visual effect.
Outdoor area has 2 fountains (more washi), loads of plants, a hot tub, and a little pool that has the option to provide resistance for powerful swimming. Alessandro uses this feature to strengthen his upper body.
The first guests to visit included the very bored Robin (brother Leo's wife) who is on maternity leave and extremely pregnant. She very cutely waddled all over the house for a tour. Her potential to burst water at any moment made Ryder uncomfortable and he decided to chat with her outside by the pool for awhile. At least they could mop up outside. His Persian rug was handmade in Persia, after all.
Alessandro sat outside with Robin and her friend from lamaze classes, a woman named Andrea. Ryder pulled Alessandro aside for a moment.

"Alessandro, doesn't she look exactly like those photos of dad's friend Amy Aha?"

"You worry too much, Ryder. Amy died giving birth. Don't you remember dad telling us that on one of his visits to the school? I think it was our sophomore year."

"Yeah, but...I don't know. Something isn't right."

"Ryder, all this pregnancy makes you nervous. Go have a soak in the tub."
And so Ryder did go have a soak in the tub but something just didn't seem right to him. Also, Andrea had no memory of the past several years. She remembered nothing beyond high school. She was quite a bit older than Alessandro, but no matter. Still, that was a long time to have a memory blank. What had happened?

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