Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cassada Play 5 - - College for 7 part 2 & Darcy's depression

Junior Year of College for the first 7 kids. Remaining children not dropped out of college: Franklin, Darcy, Leo, and Jeremy.

Leo, who held the ambition of 50 dream dates, kept striking out and either being turned down flat or having awful dates. He's selfish, really, so that's held him back. He phoned up the Matchmaker, seeing what success it brought his sister, Laci. However, unlike Laci, he didn't fork up the big cash and the Matchmaker instead sold him this odd device. It didn't seem to go well, and now he's wandering all around preaching The Way of the Cheese. Its all very deranged.
Jeremy, being a big flirt, started seeing his teacher, Professor Laura.
And the odd couple took their relationship to the next level. A first for Jeremy.
Leo and Jeremy used never get along. Once Leo discovered The Way of Cheese, they grew further apart. However, Jeremy loves to eat and not have to - well, not have to do anything at all - so this newfound cheese obsession of Leo's works out to Jeremy's advantage and lately they're best of friends. As long as they don't talk about cheese.
A literature major, Leo met this strange girl named Cass after class one day. He showed her his essay A Comparative Longitudinal Study on the Precepts of Munster and Brie and she didn't laugh at all. They're quite good friends now.
But not all is well. In their junior year, Darcy developed a deep depression. Although all three of her brothers were doing well and she was doing okay, she just couldn't seem to feel motivated anymore. She didn't want to dance or talk or play pillow fight or do anything at all but stand around. Its not like she had some kind of flu or anything, she felt fine, but she simply couldn't stay in the mood to do anything. She took the prescribed Sim Modder pills, but even that didn't help.
She went out of her way for awhile to make herself happy, whoohooing and the like, and that looked like it helped on the outside, but I suppose she was still brewing. This is conquest number 5 of 20, dorm mate Josh.
Jeremy, seeing how unhappy all that shallow whoohooing made his big sister Darcy, decided to pop the question to Prof. Laura. He actually thought she'd say no, but here they are engaged. Turns out professors make only $. Sad for all that education.
But Leo approves of his choice in partners!
Darcy met the representative from the local nudist colony and tried that out for awhile, after all he seemed so happy and full of life, but nothing shook her dark cloud and her grades were slipping.
Even while everyone enjoyed a Smustle...Darcy just couldn't bring herself to participate. She's just going through the motions now, attending class when told to go by Franklin (who has been great at looking out for her - he's such a first born!) and laying in bed - mostly alone.

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