Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cassada Play 6 - College for 7 part 3

Senior year and graduation for the 4 remaining Fanboy kids.

Jeremy gets Chris Cow to cheer for his school. Not sure why this works...
Darcy continued to go through the motions, claiming her 6th conquest, dorm mate Elizabeth.
But even though she tried, she just didn't feel any better. One day she was burning up, like she'd been sunbathing, but she hadn't even been outside. She went to class anyway and came home to shower and rest and eventually felt better. Maybe just a flu but with no other symptoms. She began to worry if she'd ever feel normal again.And then one day in her senior year, she did. She couldn't explain it. Maybe it was just that it was fall again, but things just seemed rosier. She was glad she'd held out and kept up her routine. Dropping out of school would have only compacted her sad feelings now. Franklin was thrilled to have his sister back.Darcy even joined her brothers in a smustle. She was a year behind in practice, but no one poked fun.Conquest number 7 was Professor Melissa. Darcy started to piece things together. Perhaps she was just realizing that she wasn't truly attracted to boys. Her first 5 had been boys and only after Elizabeth did she start to feel like herself again. Perhaps that was it! She tested her feelings and confirmed that Elizabeth was still nothing special to her, so it wasn't love or anything crazy like that.
Number 8 is Chris[tine] Cow and, yes, she was happy afterward. Hmm. One more test.Number 9 was Ash - remember him as the nudist? Good thing! His clothes are awful! Afterward, bleh. She had to make out with Chris[tine] Cow just to cheer herself up. So that was it. Although she'd never really thought about it, Darcy was now a confirmed lesbian. The knowledge that she'd fixed her problem was enough to keep her cheered throughout the rest of senior year. On to graduation!For the past two years, Leo had repeated thoughts of children. He figured if he started young, he could explain the Way of the Cheese to little proteges. Maybe he'd adopt or maybe have his own - but he'd never even dated, being a bit shy and, well, kinda mean. As if sent by angels in his senior year, Robin talked with him again and again about the Way of the Cheese. She never seemed bored by it at all. She was his heaven-sent Baby Bell.For graduation, the family came and just kind of hung out and caught up on the lives of the growing up kids.Then they had a nice family smustle to see the kids off into adulthood with happy faces.
So that's it. All four have moved back to Cassada Main. They'll be looking for apartments and moving on with their lives. You'll see them soon. Don't worry. But first let's check in with the other Fanboy kids.

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