Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cassada Play 9 - Laci

As an adult, Laci is married to Sean. They have a cat, Tide, and a baby on the way. Laci was working in journalism, but has since changed to art, per her college major. She was lucky enough to find a job as a street caricature artist on the pier within walking distance of their beach home. Sean changed jobs also and is quite happy as a nurse.

Aw, look at her bump folding over her pants. So cute. I love pregnant sims. Much cuter than pregnant people."Should be tomorrow, I think." "Tomorrow? You're a psychic now?" "No, but i am a nurse and I do know a little bit about a few things, ya know." Indeed, it was the next day. Sean called it!This red haired blue eyed baby needs a good Irish name. How about Patrick? Fits him fine. I wonder if my freckles CC will work on a male. I think so.Patrick grows up finally.
As does Tide. Yuck! What happened to that cute grey kitten with the big ears and little eyes? I think this cat ate it.
Patrick doesn't care. Oh, see the nose? Nearly nothing. Drat. Mommy's nose. You couldn't get mommy's custom eyes?
After a fire, I have a permanent "burning bush" thing going on. No amount of rain seems to quell it nor did extinguishing it. Strange. Maybe when I relog it'll be gone.
With Patrick being taken care of by Nanny Allison (the Fanboy's only Nanny, apparently), Sean and Laci enjoy a little "us time". I'd have posted more but my delightful cat laid on the power strip and caused me to lose all this play time - no I hadn't saved - and I just don't have the energy to go back in. /sigh.


Vix said...

Be thankful its a perpetual burning bush and not a gigantic tree! I haven't gone back into the house yet that has it so I don't know if it did stop it, I'll check on it tomorrow. I actually ended up getting fined because I called the fire department when I noticed it was on fire, didn't think about the fact that I could still access buy, build and save...should have. Never had a glitch like that much less heard about it...oh well. I'll have to poke around and see if I have the "burninator" on the external, cause if its still not gone when I log back in I'll just pop that in and it should rid the problem.

Cassandra said...

Kitty had the same problem in her Legacy. I also had a burning tree and I managed to get rid of it by deleting the tree. Kitty tried deleting her tree and just got a floating ball of fire.

Best of luck!

Oh and sorry about losing game play FF, that bites!