Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cassada Play 7 - College for 3 & Cass introduced

Three younger kids go to college. The remaining kids at home were Gordon, Ryder, and Alessandro. The older kids have been gone so long, the younger ones are all grown up and ready to begin their lives as young adults as well.

Let's check in...

Gordon, into popularity, wants to have a successful career in the military. He's majoring in criminal justice and has a huge crush on his dorm mate in Obscure 3 (?) named Cass. Happily, she reciprocates.
Our kitchen staff is a strange guy. I should warn you : NEVER eat the quesadillas! Look how they stick to the plate even as its sideways. Alessandro faced a nasty bout of food poisoning because of the quesadillas.I had to redo the dorm some. The current counters were not all usable and caused pathing troubles. These are nicer, I think. I kept the stainless steel look as best as possible, but it had to be changed so it all worked out.
Your cast: Gordon on the left. Cass whose back is to you. Alessandro with the mohawk just like Jordy's. And on the right in a mask is Ryder.
Being a big family, most of the kids are also close. Madelyn Fanboy drops by now and again to spend time with her little brothers. She's a tough cookie. "Cass, I hear you and my little brother Gordon are going steady. You break his heart and I'll break your kneecap. I swear it." Cass "Gulp."
But things between Gordon and Cass are, ahem, going well. Okay, Ryder, you're creeping me out! "Whoohoo, yeah, tap that!" Eww."Erm, thanks Ryder. I think." Ryder is interested in everyone's business as well as knowing everything there is to know and traveling the world as an adventurer. Pipe dreams maybe.
Alessandro and professor sitting in a tree... Alessandro wants to make a lot of money as a professional basketball player. He's on the college team, hoping to be discovered by a scout.
I found this dorm didn't have enough showers, so I redid the bathrooms as well.
Okay, not so horribly exciting, but I thought I'd keep you informed. More to come, of course!

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Tiffany said...

Yay! Cass showed up. Fun. I can't wait to see what you do with her. :)