Monday, December 25, 2006

Apocalypse Now - Ch 1

Because I've apparently lost my mind, I'm taking a break from Sim Swapping and am going to play the apocalypse challenge. (Note: I'm not breaking from Swap just to do the challenge. I'm feeling a time-crunch with wedding planning and taking on a new role at work, but the challenge isn't time-sensitive like Swapping is.) The idea is unique and I like the option of playing in a whole new voice. However, I don't generally have the attention span to stick to a challenge or a legacy, so chances are high that I'll give up at some point after losing interest or accidentally blowing the challenge rules - and there sure are a lot of them! I'm not giving myself a time limit on this as I do have lots of other interests. ("Besides the Sims?" I heard you gasp) Yeah, a few. So without further ado, let's meet our founder.

Hey, Hi! So I'm Emerald. Emerald Legasi and some wierd things have been happening lately. Bam! wierd. Okay, first thing I guess you need to know about me is that I'm attending La Fiesta Tech. I'm a sophomore here and my major is philosophy because I thought it would be, like, easy, but it's kind of not, so that's a bummer. But, um, I like black hair like mine and blonde hair, well everything really. But I hate vampires, scary! I hate studying and love making out. I hope someday to have 20 simultaneous lovers. Wouldn't that be fantastic? I know! So, um, I mostly spend the day at class and hanging out at the dorm. I'm trying to make a lot of friends and pass my classes. What else? Oh, the wierdness! So once a week, as agreed upon, I email my 'rents and ask for money for, ya know, clothes and shoes and makeup and movie money and whatever and they write me a letter in the mail with a check in it. Bam! Sounds like a perfect system right? I know! So, for the past 3 weeks, they haven't sent me anything and I don't think I did anything different, so I dunno what their deal is. So, whatever, I'm, like, making due for now and trying to get my dates to pay for me instead of going Dutch or going with friends and that's working out okay, but I really want a pair of earrings I saw at the student union but I can't afford them so I'm kinda bummed about that.

Okay, OMG, so, like, look who lives in my dorm? She's in the secret society. OMG it would be soooo cool if I could get invited to join. Wow! I'm hanging out with her as much as I can. Fortunately we both like to play chess. I am not a geek, I just like chess. I know what you're thinking and shut up! It does not make me a geek. I just happened to have learned how to play from my uncle and I'm not too bad at it. But I totally let her win if I see a way. I've won a few times, but that's bound to happen I guess.

You may have noticed my tattoos. Bam! My parents totally hate them, but I totally love them! I think they're super cool and as long as they're not on my hands or face I don't think my parents should say anything about it.

Oh, and get this, this boy lives in my dorm too. He's okay I guess. He dresses like he's from Star Trek or something, but I'll get him something from the student union once my family starts sending me money again so he looks all normal and stuff. But anyway, he was talking to me while I was, like, studying so I don't fail my class and stuff and he was like "I love making out" and I was all "I love making out too" so, like, Bam! we have a lot in common. I didn't kiss him or anything because he just moved in to the dorm and is only a freshman, but maybe when I'm a junior and he's a sophomore we can see who's better at making out, like with a contest or something. That'd be a riot! Okay, so I need to email my parents again and remind them to send me some money. They must have just forgot.

Okay, look at this! This guy keeps coming around the dorms spraying some kind of green goo all over the ground. Bam! People seem to believe he's the bug killer man, but why would his spray container have a radioactive symbol on it? I ask you that! Everybody says it's cool though and no one seems to have gotten sick or anything, but still...I dunno.

I've been working really hard at studying, which I hate, but I think I want to be a party planner - and never have to study again!!! So I'm working on the slacker track and so far have almost all the skills I'll need at the top of my field. I've also been dating a lot, of course. Oh, and I never study for college anymore. I found a better way. I made best friends with one of my professors and am good friends with the other one. They just kind of look the other way when my papers are not quite right and I invite them to my dorm to hang out. Bam! They get to feel young and I get to not study. Win win.

You know I've been dating a lot. This blonde is Zion. I have him earmarked to help me bear my children, should I have any. I love his blonde hair and his cool name. I called him over one day knowing he was in the secret society like Linda is, and Bam!, my sometimes boyfriend Chandler showed up, put me in handcuffs, and put me in the back of a limo. Now, Chandler and I have had role play dates before, so I thought it was going to be a wild night, but then he took me to the secret society and initiated me! Bam! Just like that. Turns out my best friend Diane and my dormmate friend Houston are also members of the society and I didn't even know. Bam! on me, huh? I'm so happy! Anyhow, I still haven't heard from my 'rents, but I've gotta run. I'll keep you posted. Laters.


Anonymous said...

Wooohoo! More on the bandwagon. I love it- Emeril also says things like "Oh yeah baby", and with the romance sim it would fit. I loved it. I love Emeril too, nice touch. So will this be a theme? Ha ha you could call it Essence of a rebuilding. I loved it. Can't wait for more.

semele said...

Thanks, Vix. I'll use that expression too. Although I see Emerald sobering up a bit soon when she gets home from university.