Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Apocalypse Now - Ch 2

While playing the second half of college, I focused on my founder having all the skills she needed to get through the Slacker career track as well as enough logic skill to hack her grades a little. All that dating wears her out and she needs her beauty sleep. Sometimes going to class would have cut into that and she'd have never forgiven me! With the time left over, I had her watch the dorm TV for cooking skill. As of the end of university, she has 10 friends, has made out with 5 people, and has her limit of 3 items in her inventory: diploma, double bed (the best one), and a dresser (the cheapest one) filled with clothes since that money she earned from grades will disappear when she leaves college. I bought one male and one female outfit for each age group, with the exception of young adult, which share the adult outfits. Back to Emerald.

Hey, hi! And welcome back. So, like, here's an image of me getting my smustle on. University was so much fun. When my grades dipped from missing classes, I had someone write my term papers for me. And mostly I just dated and, um, made out, and, um, I dunno, smustled I guess. I met a lot of great people. I had my first and only whoohoo with Zion. Oh yeah, baby! Odd thing was, we used my bed from inventory and kind of, um, performed outside of the secret society house. Zion said it was tradition or something, but I think he was just being a jerk. Bad thing was, I had dated several of the people in the society and Zion ended up getting into fights with nearly everyone there. Oops! I went back to sleep.

Zion's kind of a wuss. Look at him making a "wah, I got hurt" face. Pffhh! But, he's the only male I have a red heart with, so I'm gonna keep him. He's not horrible looking although his face is rather wide. I guess everyone making crybaby faces looks kind of horrible. We'll just have to kick him up a notch and see what we can do. Can you imagine having to wakeup to that crybaby face every day? Yikes! OMG, no. So he'd better snap out of it or Bam! Zion's a family sim. He told me one day while we were on a date in my room. We had to stay in my room in the dorm so no one would get all, like, jealous and stuff. Lame. You know how hard it is to pillow fight in your room? Hard! Whatever.

Apparently I'm the only one who didn't major in "shrug" or whatever that class is supposed to be. Ugh, I tell you, my dorm mates were impossible. Between trying to keep my relationships secret from one another and keep them out of my room at all hours of the day and night, I barely had any time at all to make out!

Oh, and get this, I STILL haven't gotten any money from my parents! What kind of crap is that, huh? I know! Man, I am so mad at them. And to make things worse, as if that wasn't horrible enough, they don't even answer the phone when I call. I just get this wierd kind of a static. I know it's them though. How many days in a row could they really have trouble on their line without calling a service company? Not that many.

So anyway, I graduated simma comma loudly or whatever it's called. Thanks in part to the hacking system for secret society and to my dorm mates for being total doorknobs and agreeing to write my term papers for me. Suckers! Oh yeah, baby! I got my cap and gown with the plumbob tassle so my parents should be pretty happy, even though they didn't come to my graduation party. Tonight I take the train back to my hometown and unload all my laundry for my parents to do for me. I guess I have to start thinking about getting a job and whatever. But it's cool because I just want to party and date so I'm gonna be a certified Slacker. What else can you do with a liberal arts degree? Laters.

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Anonymous said...

I'm really loving it. Its so funny and makes me want to watch emeral. He is opening a resturant on the coast this summer. I'll ask my sister to watch my kiddies so Brian can take me to it for my birthday. I love him. I love how your giving her such personality. Great Job FF