Monday, October 30, 2006

General Update

Since many of the families I've played in Sim Swap have retired, I've moved them to the three various neighborhoods in the game, mixing it up a bit and putting a Mikata family (I had played them at three different stages in their "life" rotation) in each neighborhood.

I'm having a significant problem with my CC interfering with Pets and don't know how to fix it except rename the downloads folder. Bleh. So much good CC going to waste and no instant grocery deliveries. I'll have to look for what hacks I have and see if I can get them updated for pets and see if that'll fix it. Mainly, I have Inteenimater and Monique's computer. I also have the Babysitter piece. Maybe that's it. Anyone know?

Today I moved a Maxis created family, Cyd Rosewood (Rosemont?) and his dog Porthos into a house in Strangetown. Porthos already knew a few commands and the play dead made me laugh out loud. Cyd taught him to shake, which wasn't quite as amusing, but is still cute. Cyd got a job as a criminal to fulfill his LTW and romanced townie Florence who he later married and had boy Titus with. Florence is working in science toward her LTW but I may have to get her pregnant again as ever since she got pregnant she does the waddle walk all the time now. Strange. It's cute when they're bumped, but not in their street clothes. Toddler Titus cuddled Porthos who didn't look like he liked it, but then Porthos turned right around and independently cuddled again. I plan to have Tidus get Porthos a job as I haven't had any pets go to work yet.

Did you know: when your Sim plays an instrument, their dog will howl along? Too funny!

Cyd wants desperately to be a werewolf. He's met the wolf a few times but I don't know how to get him to turn yet. I did try having Cyd scold the wolf (seemed like a very bad idea indeed) after the wolf demolished the only sitting chair in the house (no money cheats) and knocked over the trash.

Cyd also taught little Titus to the middle of the street. He scooped him up into his arms in a congratulatory fashion just before Florence's ride arrived to take her to work. He's not winning Father of the Year.

And over in Veronaville, I played the Ohana family (from when they were just created) and decided they needed some kind of big dog. Makaha (dad) phoned up and had one delivered from the pound. Abbey the chow is a well behaved dog for the most part, but isn't fully trained not to destroy the furniture so she gets scolded more often then I'd like. The kids, Meli and Lana, enjoy her, as I knew they would. Oh, and Leilana (mom) wanted very much to have another baby, so she's pregnant, but hasn't gotten her bump yet. I let her roll up the want for 5 days before I relented and let them try once. This photo is of the welcome wagon (Karen Anderson and Rodney, Karen's ex boyfriend and baby's daddy) having lunch with Leilani. Rodney says "This chili gives me gas!" Later, Karen had the same problem. Something about playing in speed 3 while Sims dive I think.

With the Downloads folder renamed (D_Downloads) it works fine. My fiance suggested I not keep moving the folder in and out, especially since it's so large (over a gig, yikes!) because it'll cause too much fragmentation on my drive. Good call. I'll have to check that simply renaming it doesn't leave the CC in the lots for upload for Swap. At this point, I'm not able to access any CC except for recolors of some objects (cribs, etc) and I can see the CC on characters in the game hasn't gone away (custom hair and clothes on some visitors to the lot). Not sure what that means exactly, but okay.

Blogspot isn't in the mood to upload the photos for this entry. I'll try again tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Moniques computer has been updated for was working fine before the update sims just couldn't get a job for themselves or their pets at all...but she's fixed that and its working fine, the all in one NPC has also been updated and before the update they just didn't recognize the pet they do. Well, I don't think you had that though. My blog has links to both of those things if you need them. I hope you get things squared away.