Thursday, December 28, 2006

Apocalypse Now - Ch 3

Back in her old neighborhood, it took 5 days before the paper offered Emerald a slacker job. It took over a week before she was promoted to top of her field. At that point, I had her call her college boyfriend to move in (but not marry as she had a rolled up a fear of marriage, being a romance sim) and try for baby right away. They were successful. I had one problem that was completely my fault and I reverted to my last save as I had the InTeenImator hack on and she miscarried - but it wouldn't have happened if I had turned my cheats off. Drat. I had saved after her first bump, so I didn't go back far. It's gotten really difficult, you'll see why at the end of this post. Also, something is wrong with her husband, Zion, who cannot go to work. I'm not sure what to do with him. For now he's Mr. Mom and if, after reloading the game, he cannot work (like a jump bug, but only for going to the carpool) he will be finding his own place and poor Emerald will have to try for baby with the professor, the only other male she can invite over. Yuck! I did use a few items of custom content, but only ones that were exactly equivalent to available non-CC items and counted the price as those of the regular items - the log sofa is a recolor of the park bench, the brick outdoor stove is a recolor of the cheapest grill, the bed and door are recolors of existing items. For some reason, the adult outfits did not save in the locker she had in her inventory. I wonder if all the outfits are gone? I used the Bomb Shelter. Back to Emerald.

I got home from university with my laundry sack, my backpack full of books, and my bed. My old 'hood was different somehow when I stepped out of the cab. I slept most of the way home, so I wasn't looking out the windows. But when I got there...everything was...gone. Just gone. There was nothing and no one for miles. How could this be. It was like, Bam!, something had destroyed my entire town and everyone in it. My friends...the neighbors I'd grown up with. Where was everything? As soon as I'd paid for my cab, it took off like zombies were after it. What in the world is going on?

I ran into one of my parents' old friends from down the block. But he was, I dunno, different somehow. "Is that a growth on your lip?" He got fiercely angry with me and screamed at me "We didn't all come through the radiation as well as you, sweet pea!" Radiation? What could he mean? Radiation from what? But he was too angry to speak to me and although I apologized, he just kept yelling at me. I listened to find out what had happened, but then he looked afraid and ran off. I turned to the direction he'd been looking and saw zombies. OMG! I hid for shelter until I heard them moan and shamble past. The nearest building was what was left of my family home. It is in ruins,but the basement is intact and there is a sturdy stairwell leading down to it from the platform of a first floor. All the walls have been blown out. Whatever happened here must have been terrible. And my family...

There isn't much I can do except start to carry on. I scavenge around, never straying to far from home. if. I set my bed up in the basement, out of the eyes of the zombies and wolves and whatever else was out there. I set my laundry in a corner. It would be all the clothes available until...until what? No sense dwelling on the unknown. I drag a log to sit on to the platform of a first floor. Then I drag an old half-broken fridge and some makeshift counters in and find an old brick fireplace that is mostly in tact to use for cooking what I can find to eat. I feel so guilty for my selfish thoughts about my parents sending money, when all this time, they might have been...I can't even think about it. I busy myself finding a job. It has been tough going as all the slackers have the good jobs already. No one wants to work hard. Eventually, I find work and am promoted to the top of my career. I threw a party and some of the labor leaders came. They lifted the community restrictions about slave labor. Now sims got days off they deserved and could change jobs if they wanted to. I am a "local hero" and the other sims saw that they could do well also and started marrying and moving in together. I'm no hero, I'm just Emerald. But I don't mind bringing some hope. I sure could use some, too.

I call my college boyfriend, Zion, and ask him to move in. I want him to work in culinary, like he has talked about for years, but he can't get a job. The carpool kept leaving without him for some reason. I wonder if one of my old girlfriends of boyfriends is driving and that's why they leave him. I'll never know. We got pregnant right away. I don't mind being pregnant, but it has been a tough pregnancy. I suffer with not being able to bathe, always being hungry, and getting roughed up by the neighborhood "police", a bunch of criminals who come by once a week to anyone they find in the neighborhood and take some of their things. It's horrible, but what can we do?

I complain to Zion, full of tears. "Zion, how can we bring a baby into this horrible world? You don't have a job. I can barely stay awake after bathing in the sink as best as possible. We have no living family. This is no world to bring a baby into!" I break into racks of sobs. He consoles me, "Emerald, my darling, everything will be okay." "No, Zion, it won't. Look around you! We can only deny this reality for so long. What will we tell our child? Sorry, there's no food because the world seems to have come to an end? We don't even know what happened." He looks so sweet to me at this moment. "Emerald, you're hormonal, you're upset, and rightly so. Listen, we can only do the best we can do, right? So let's make sure you get your rest and let me take care of everything else until the baby comes. Besides, we can't really unpregnant you, can we?" "" "So let me rub your back and you read on the bed for awhile to help you calm down. It's not good for you or the baby to get this upset."

And he is right, of course. Soon, it was evident why my emotions were so out of control and my hygeine and rest and hunger kept flagging me down. I was carrying twins! Realize too, there was no medical care as there are no doctors that we've found. But, sims have been having babies since there have been sims, so we did what was natural. Luckily, they both seem healthy as do I, except for the pain of birthing twins on the dirt ground outside my house. We have a boy and a girl, Miles and Veronica. It's been extremely difficult so far raising them as infants. Zion is very creative and made cribs for them out of broken boards and pieces of mattress we found in our walks. I really hope Zion starts working soon. For now, he's a good dad and that's what we need most.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried to move objects then deleat him save then go out and back into the lot. SOmetimes that fixes that bug. Hope it works out for ya.

semele said...

I did try move objects and deleting him. What worked was having him "find own place", reloading the game the next day, and adding him to the household.