Saturday, December 30, 2006

Apocalypse Now - Ch 4

Most of what I have to say as the author for this one tells well inthe story, so I'll bow out except to say that Zion couldn't find work in culinary for 5 days so I switched him to medical. The decision was based on the children, as toddlers (the twins aspect was an unpleasant surprise) are so pathetic when they cry from being dirty. Oh, and none of the clothes I bought while at Uni transferred back in the dresser in her backpack. So everyon'e in default. Miles in pink footed animal jammies and Veronica in the brown footed ones. Back to Emerald.

Zion moved out for awhile. He wanted to go speak to his carpool about why they kept leaving him and he didn't want me involved in it. Of course, I didn't know that until he came back. But he did come back, and apparently whatever he said made a difference. He's working now, but has given up his dream of being a chef since foods spoil so quickly now. He's decided to work in medicine and find a way to keep everyone healthy since bathing is so difficult. I wish he didn't have to give up his dream, but I understand his decision.

The babies are growing up. I spend so much time worrying about Veronica and Miles. They smell awful. I worry that they'll get sick. I worry that they're unhappy. It's not that we're bad parents, we simply don't have the resources they need. Or that we need, for that matter. I've taken to bathing in the sink, as has Zion, but the kids are too big for that now that they're toddlers. I'm afraid the makeshift counters will crumble under their weight so I don't put them up there. I wash them with cloth, but there's only so much cloth and after a short time, it's pretty funky too. My poor babies. Whenever I think about them growing up I get excited. I think "Thank heavens!" for soon they'll be able to help out in the community, to make things right again. I hate to give them a purpose so early in life, but things are so bad...there's little choice. Don't get me wrong, parenthood hasn't been all bad. We love our kids and we get great enjoyment from playing with them. Bathing in the sink takes forever, so we aren't able to teach them their skills like we'd like to, and that makes us sad.

Veronica befriended a local stray. They're all strays, really. She gave him the end of her hot dog. I love that she's kind and she shares, but how can I explain to her that we barely have enough food for our family, let alone the neighborhood's dogs? I couldn't scold her for it, of course. But there's something about that dog that I don't trust. The radiation seems to have gotten to it. Maybe it was the way the light hit, but it's eyes seemed to glow. Come to think of it, there is no light after dark. So what was that?

Otherwise, things are pretty bad for me. I'm about to become and elder and will have to quit my job. It'll give me more time with the kids though. Our phone rings non-stop from all my college buddies trying to keep in touch. Seems this sort of thing happened all over and everyone's trying to recover. I miss dating and being with others. I can't really do with with Zion living here and I wouldn't do that to the kids. But still, I miss it. I'll never have 20 lovers at the same time. I've never had more than 5 that I made out with. But Zion has my heart and as long as he keeps treating me welland taking care of the kids with me, I can't complain too much. But sometimes, when no one's around, I pretend I'm on a date with Mr. Floor Mop and we dance and kiss... You think I'm crazy, maybe. Forget that last part.

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