Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Romeo, through the use of Inteenimator and only one try for baby, impregnated Juliette. All the while, when asked what he wanted, it was to flirt with or kiss or something to her cousin, Hermia. Since he was such a, well, a Romeo, I had him impregnate Hermia too. Then Juliette dumped him - although she never knew of his infidelity. Juliette had baby girl Romance and Hermia had baby boy Romero. Then the three Capp kids (Juliette, Hermia, and Tybalt) went off college leaving poor old Consort to watch the babies.

Juliette has been romancing Antonio, another Monty. He's a single dad with two schoolaged kids who is recently widowed. Juliette moved in with him after she finished school, taking baby daughter Romance with her, of course. I think Antonio is also the uncle of Romeo.

Ah, but more happened at university. Hermia got engaged to Puck Summerdream. And, surprise of surprises, Tybalt got engaged to his once-mortal enemy, Mercucio. Meanwhile, Consort Capp, the widow, has been romancing the married Isabella Monty.


Cassandra said...

"And, surprise of surprises, Tybalt got engaged to his once-mortal enemy, Mercucio." *lol* You're evil FF Truely! *laughs some more* Okay I'm going to go look at your wedding Blog now*grin*. Hope all is well in your world!

Vix said...

This sounds like Shakespear's worst nightmare come true. LOL! I'll love reading more about this, sounds pretty interesting.