Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Being frustrated with Strangetown - and what did I expect from Strangetown anyhow? - I moved over to Pleasantville and decided that Don Lothario, local man about town, needed a puppy to help him meet women at the local dog park. He found an adorable beagle and named her Smootches. I'm sure he has his own motives for that name. He grew her into an adult dog and housebroke her after quite a few floor piddles. Here he is rubbing her belly, which she seems to enjoy. I must say that the trick is proving to be a charm as he has had an additional 3 successful whoohoo relationships since he got her. The first thing Don taught Smootches was to stay off Sim beds. He said Sim beds are for Sim whoohoo and were no place for a puppy. That's good advice in his house.

In order to get Don's lot to work, I had to remove my downloads folder. There must be some conflict between a hack in there (although I only use a couple like Inteenimator) and the game running. However, the game ran fine with the downloads folder in when I installed it. Nothing changed on my computer between the night I installed the game and the next day. Odd. Otherwise, my game has all the patches. If you know what causes this problem (jump bugs) please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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Cassandra said...

I always keep my hacks in seprate folders...I know InTeen caused me moocho problems when I intalled Pets so I had to pull it. Then my old copy of Risky Woohoo caused me trouble until I got the updated version. If you have any trouble pull the hacks then add them back slowly or go search to see if you can find the creator of said hack and see if they have a compatible one to Pets.