Friday, October 12, 2012

Morgloudins 1

After creating my friends as Sims characters, I thought it'd be fun to roll back their ages and play them from young adult through death. Here is part 1: where the Morgloudins are married young adults moving into their amazing house through the tragedy that befalls them, and their bounce back.
Oh, Chris, these pancakes are delicious, and fancy! What are these, lingonberries?! 
As an eco-friendly sim, Billie is happy when conserving energy by sharing a cab and gets cranky when wasting natural resources by driving anywhere alone. 
 Chris found a guitar at the consignment shop for cheap. It's got a cheesy leopard print, but Billie doesn't care.
Being a virtuoso, she just wants to play.
The front yard is too small for a sprinkler, but Billie prefers to water by hand. 
Her eco-friendly mind is delighted by watering the plants and being a steward of nature. 
Their 4/3 house gets yet another upgrade with their very own pond and a small swimming pool. 
Surprisingly, neither of them chose to use either one.  
"Yargh, laundry? Ugh! It's so gross!" 
Billie has to be forced repeatedly to do laundry and will often just drop it in heaps on the floor and walk away. 
Chris automatically does laundry. They often enjoy the rewards of clean sheets and clean clothes (which makes them happy) as a result. 
"Hey there, in the bathroom. Can I check if your breath is really minty fresh?" 
Jeez, you guys! 
Chris is working the blowtorch, inventing. 
It's a...drinking llama. Oh great, just what the world needed.
As a family-oriented sim, Chris really wants to have a baby. Sometimes he just sits in the nursery reading.  
Tending the garden. 
Playing on the computer. Chris is a computer whiz. 
The drawer stuck and knocked her on her butt, which I'd never seen happen before. 
"Damn drawer." 
Billie buys a new bikini. She doesn't want to be pregnant just yet. 
"Chris, this friggin' toilet is clogged again!" 
Look at her face, ha! 
"I'll fix it in a minute. What'd you put in the dishwasher, spaghetti?" 
She was so cranky about the broken toilet in the front of the house, I sent her to soak in a bubble bath until she was tranquil. 
What was in those bubbles? She's pregnant. Chris will be so excited! 
She's, uh, not thrilled yet.
"Chris, guess what?" 
"Hey, good for you." 
What's this pat on the arm thing? Lame. I guess as a loner he's not as prone to show great affection with a hug, though they're always rolling up the want to kiss and woohoo - and Chris is always wanting to make her pregnant. 
"Can you water babies like you water plants? I could leave it in the yard..." 
Good thing she has Chris. 
"Hi, random boy I just met while Chris bought some new recipes. I'm pregnant!" 
"You are? That's fantastic! Let me rub your tummy." 
"Okay, sure. That's totally normal." 
"Honey, this seems wrong, somehow..." 
"Oh, Chris, he's just being friendly." 
Pregnancy is draining. She's always tossing her dirty clothes in a pile on the floor, but for now she has an excuse. 
She's dreaming of little shoes. 
"OMG, cookies, my favorite food! Yes!" 
No, really, they're her favorite food. 
Chris made sushi! 
"OMG, I love being pregnant and eating whatever I want all the time!" 
It's day 3 and she's ready to pop. 
No sooner said than... 
"WTF, Billie?!?" 
Relax, Chris.
"I'm going to the hospital. Are you coming?" 
He had to be told to go as he chose to take a shower - no, eat something - no, read something...the choices flickered above him until I cancelled them and made him go also.
It's a girl! Welcome, Nora Morgloudin. 
"I made a video of the birth. Want to see it?" 
Uh, no. No one wants to see that. 
The babies faces are all quite cute. 
He's dreaming of her. 
She's dreaming 
The baby's still asleep. One quick game of chess before she wakes.
"Ugh, this friggin' toilet! Always backing up." 
He upgraded it to never get dirty, and whenever Billie throws up, she politely runs to that one, which is nice. But it does clog a lot. 
The hazards of being an inventor: Chris received a nasty electric shock that knocked all his clothes off and grew him hair. 
He was like that for a full day. 
More strange dreams: he's dreaming of little shoes and she's dreaming of...soda. 
Nothing much happens during infancy. 
They have to be fed, changed, played with, and snuggled. 
Rinse and repeat. 
For her birthday, they threw her a party. 
See the single candle? Cute.
"Whee, I got hot dogs!" 
This old guy is a coworker of Billie's. He was making faces at himself in the mirror during the party. 
As a schmoozer, Billie felt her daughter's birthday was a good occasion to suck up to coworkers, so that's who she invited. 
As a loner, Chris knows very few people. 
Teaching Nora to talk 
"Garbage. Yes." 
"High definition. Good!" 
"Clouds. Yes. Auntie Autumn is afraid of those." 
No, it's.. oh, nevermind. 
Potty training.  
She's making a sweet face, just thought you should see. 
Vegetarian fish and chips. 
He keeps making them and craving them, though his favorite food is steak. 
I don't think he knows the steak recipe yet. 
"A survey? Sure. My chest hair? Yes, I'd describe it as thick and luxurious. You're welcome."
She's making another cute face. 
Her everyday outfit, girly but modest. 
Chris calls babysitter Armin over while he runs an errand for a side project. 
Armin plays with and holds Nora the entire time until it's time for her to sleep, then he stays in the room and reads.
Best babysitter ever! 
They used to start fires, leave messes, and ignore the kids at times in Sims 2.
"Square hole...which peg?" 
As Chris was basically raising Nora, Billie and Nora just became friends, mid-way through toddlerhood.  
Nora playing with the dog toy Chris invented for her. 
It looks like 2 aluminum cans and bits of metal scrap. It makes a robotic barking noise, which is funny, and the legs wiggle. 
She loves it. 
"Wanna make out?" 
"Sure, but I was thinking: Nora's getting so big, we should have another baby?" 
"What, really? But she's so little..." 
"We could try, see what happens." 
"Who's my big girl? Yes you are!" 
She's cuddling her panda.  
""You're my little baby girl, aren't you? Aw." 
"Do you want a little brother or sister, Nora? What do you think? I don't know..." 
"Tickle monster is gonna get you!" 
She looks terrified. 
Meanwhile, while Chris is upstairs inventing.
"Hey, hon, did you use a condom last night, because..."
"Yeah, I did."
"Okay, I'm gone to work. Love you!"
Liar liar, pants on fire!
"OMG my butt, my butt, put it out!"
He's my first inventor and I'd not known things could go awry. He literally caught on fire.
He called the fire department, but they were too slow in coming. 
That's the fireman on the stairs and the reaper on the floor by Chris' ashes. 
What? No! 
"Please, Grim, I have a family, and maybe a baby on the way."
"You should not tell lies, Chris. Liar liar, pants on fire."
"No, Grim, please..." 
Billie comes home from work but is too late to interact with Grim. 
She plays the blues... 
And cries a lot.
And sleeps a lot. 
Which I figured was her heartbreak, but...oh, no, this is terrible timing! 
"Well, Nora, I guess you're going to be a big sister, after all." 
"Oh no, not again..." 
She's never cooked, not once, because Chris always did.
She looks for leftovers and the only thing in the house is cake.
Whatever. Cake for breakfast. 
Chris' grave is in the yard, under the shade of a pair of apple trees. 
Luckily, Chris was right and Nora is a big girl. 
She learned to walk, talk, and potty on her own before he died. 
"Daddy? Not in my room." 
"Daddy? Not in Momma and Daddy's room." 
"Daddy? Not in living room. Where is Daddy?" 
Unable to answer Nora's questions, Billie hides out in the bathroom with her heartbreak. 
"Daddy's doggy. Ruff ruff!" 
"Oh, I can't take it!" 
"I have to hold it together for Nora..."  
"Chris, how can I raise her on my own? I need you." 
"And a second child, too? Jeez, Chris. I don't know if I can..."
Some friends convince Billie to go out for a bite and she's been craving key lime pie so she goes.
She doesn't her pie, though.
Babysitter Armin comes by to hang out with Nora. 
At the restaurant, she sees a ghost. It's not Chris' ghost. 
But she is repulsed. Too soon. 
After the restaurant, they go to a trendy little bar. She's uncomfortable there. 
"I don't belong in a place like this. I'm not ready to meet anyone new."
Upon returning, babysitter Armin is talking to the ghost of Chris in the yard! This is the first time his ghost has appeared. They're having a nice chat. 
"Oh, it's easy, Armin. Smart boy like you. Just pop out the RAM with the clips that hold in each side by pressing away from the memory stick and..."
"Chris, is it really you? I've missed you so much!" 
"I know, but I'm so tired and I want to go into the light." 
"Not yet, please. I've been so heartbroken without you." 
"Just stay. Can you stay?" 
"I can't. You're pregnant? Oh, that's wonderful. I wanted to have 2 children, and now I will." 
"No, I will. You're not around."
"I'm sorry. I have to go. It's time." 
That visit reopened the wound. Now she's crying all the time again.  
She rolls up the want to remarry. 
Chris shows up as her ex-husband, though she's widowed, not divorced. 
3 days pregnant, she calls over a friend from work and starts romancing him. 
He's reluctant, in her state, to take things too fast. 
But it got her pulse racing and she goes into labor. 
He...goes home.  
"Oh, I can't have it here. All my nice stuff will be ruined!"
She has the baby on the porch. Another girl. Edna.
While this is going on, no one notices it's Nora's birthday.  
She goes out to mourn.
"Daddy, I miss you. I wish you were here to play with me. 
She's outdoorsy and finds fishing at their pond relaxing. 
Her room is awesome. It even has it's own balcony. 
"Organic pancakes, again? Don't you know how to make anything else?" 
"No, Nora. I don't." 
Surprisingly, she's still in her maternity clothes.
Billie gets a phone call from the science lab stating they think they can reanimate her husband if she brings his ashes.
She scoops up the grave and rushes to the science center. 
It has gears on the sign and a giant robot in the lobby. What could go wrong? 
"Well, this isn't what we had in mind. But it was free, so enjoy!" 
"What? This...this is the ghost of my husband." 
"Yep. And for free! Thanks for coming in. We're closed now."
"Hey, at least we're together again. How long was I gone?"
"It's been awhile. Do you want to see your daughters?"
 "You had the baby! Another girl? Yes! Of course I want to see her. And Nora." 
He floats through the walls now. 
Everything else seems normal. 
He wants things, has to potty. It was a partial scientific success.
"Edna. Where'd she get that name? I met a lot of ghosts named Edna. How am I able to hold her? 
This new body is so unusual." 
"With no parents around, I can eat ice cream for dinner. I'd better check on Edna."
"What is going on!?!" 
"Hey, Nora, sweetheart. It's Daddy!" 
"No, ew. My daddy is dead. "
"No, it's me. I'm back. Sort of..." 
"I don't like it. Prove it." 
"Remember that song I used to sing you?" [hums a bit] 
"Yeah. Sorry I scared you." 
"Daddy, you were dead. What's that like?" 
"It's like being really really tired, kind of. And having lots of bad dreams that make you cranky. 
But I'm back now." 
"Daddy, you're my best friend. I missed you!" 
"You are looking mighty fine, Mrs. Morgloudin. How about we cuddle?" 
"You know, I'm not Mrs. anything anymore. We could get remarried though." 
"Oh, I want that, too!" 
and he did. 
"Can we, um, ya that you're, uh..." 
"I don't know. There's really no manual for this." 
It appears they cannot. Or maybe their relationship isn't high enough right now or something.   
"Momma, can I ask you something?" 
"Sure, Nora, what is it?"  
"Well, Daddy is back, right? But he looks funny and he was gone a long time. 
Is he going to stay like that? Or is he going to leave again? Or..."  
"I honestly don't know, Nora. I think he's going to stay and be like he is, but we just have to enjoy the time we have together, no matter if it's a short time or a long time. Okay?" 
"Okay, Momma. I love you." 
More dreams. 
This time Billie is dreaming of music - she's level 6 out of 10 in the guitar, and Chris is dreaming of his kids. 
Their relationship seems strained as he sleeps on his back, not cuddled up and it says it is "Billie's bed" which it didn't say before. I guess they lost some points for being apart while he was dead. 
Oh, and the friend from work she was courting, he never came back or called after she had Edna on the porch, so no worries about him. 
Nora does her homework. 
Chris made fancy pancakes. Life is returning to normal. Well, the new normal.

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