Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Morgloudins 2

Part 2 of the Morgloudins: from Nora's almost-misadventure as a child through 2 new additions to the family - and I don't mean 2 more babies.
Armin, world's best babysitter is now friends with Nora. 
He comes over to hang out, play tag, and eat cookies. 
Ghosts, apparently, can get sick. Who knew? 
Chris takes Nora to the park. She's an outdoor lover and has a great time on the swings. 
"I'm Mr. Creepster. What's your name?" 
"Do you like having your photo taken, Nora?" 
"I like fish." 
"Push me on the swing, Nora. Oh, yes, that's fun!" 
This seriously creeped me out. 
"Nora, come over here and catch butterflies with Daddy." 
"Bye, Mr. Creepster." 
"Nora, we have to go now. And don't talk to strangers." 
"Can I go in the pool when we get home?"
"Of course, honey."
Nora was the first person to ever use their pool, and she did so spontaneously. 
"I'm wearing pajamas. Why do you ask?" 
"Nora, who is calling? Is it for Momma? Nora, get off the phone." 
I upgraded the office with cherry furniture and a silly cow-print rug. 
Ever since he's back from the dead...sort of...Chris is almost always next to Nora. 
Since they both wanted to remarry each other, Chris proposed again. 
Where he got the ring...well, he can walk through walls... 
But let's assume he made it in his workshop. 
Nora entertains Edna with peek-a-boo. 
And a hug. 
Billie is doing well at work, which keeps coming with wardrobe upgrades. 
Nora is a teenager and in her robe.
Nora puts Edna to bed. 
"The courthouse is never going to approve our marriage. Look at me, Billie! Let's just get married right now." 
"Well, we already had a wedding once, I guess. Sure!" 
Chris visits the graveyard, but isn't into seeing other ghosts. 
Sometimes, the household members even say "just saw the apparition" of Chris and get a mild fright. 
Don't know why he's standing in/on the roof reading. 
It's Edna's birthday, and hot dogs are her favorite, so Nora whips up a batch. 
Rearranged their room to fit both beds. 
The basket on the desk is the butterfly Nora caught at the park. 
Billie and Chris miss Edna's birthday. 
They were...preoccupied. 
Edna as a child. 
See the pink music notes from the guitar? 
Another glitch. 
Nora half-in a building. 
Chris has been bugging Billie to have another baby. 
"I think our family is perfect just the way it is," she reflects.  
I call this tune "Ode to the New Patio Furniture." 
I added a deck and a couple of loungers. 
No more drowning? 
Instead of using the pool ladder, Nora hopped up the edge of the pool. I've never seen that! 
The thought bubble is her being fatigued from too much time in the pool. 
Armin is still coming by often to hang out with Nora. Billie grills him one day, 
"What are you intentions with my daughter? Do you plan to marry her?" 
"What? I...I have to go." 
Chris gets another shock at his inventing table. 
He's singed, but you can barely tell except that his hair grew. 
Another risky adventure. 
Will Chris get his wish for another child just before they become elders?
On Edna's birthday, the whole family uses party blowers to knock out her candles before she can make a wish. What a cruel tradition. 
"Chris...I'm pregnant. How...I mean...you're...I mean..."
"That's great! More babies! Yay! More babies!" 
Day 3 and she has a belly full of waffles and babies...multiple? 
Chris wants a boy this time, of course, he's wanted a boy each time. 
You'd think having been dead would chill him out to the birth process, but he still freaks when she goes into labor. 
It's a ghost baby! 
There's no paternity test needed here, Maury. 
Chris, with regards to baby Willy (finally a boy), you ARE the father. 
I didn't even know there were ghost babies.
Billie freaks out at seeing the ghost baby. Everyone does. 
They are periodically spooked by it, just like by the ghost of Chris. 
Even Chris is spooked by it once. 
"I've got the glowin' flamin' baby blues..." 
She's level 8 out of 10 in guitar. 
Being so good at his career, Chris has earned a couple of awards, and was allowed to create "my best friend" the robot. 
She lives with them and has need for everything but bathing, just like a person. 
Chris walks in on her..."upgrading" the stereo. 
"Yeah, HiFi, you like it like that, huh? Phillips head or flat? Yeah!"
 "Oh, stop, gross!"

Chris has the option to go back to the afterlife by using his headstone. 
I wonder if the baby will have the option once he is a toddler/child/teen/young adult? 
If so, he will at the first option.

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