Thursday, October 18, 2012

Morgloudins 3

Part 3 - the teen years for Nora and Edna
Billie has reached level 8 out of 10 in guitar and has fulfilled her lifetime wish to become CEO of a mega-corporation! As soon as she is old enough to retire, she will kick back and do whatever she wants all day, which is probably just play the guitar. 
Edna is a good big sister. Here, you can see through little Willy, the ghost baby. 
Magical mail! No idea why it sometimes does this. 
Splash fight between Edna and Nora. 
They had a contest to see who could hold their breath the longest. 
Both girls got after school jobs at the cemetery as neither is afraid of ghosts with their upbringing.
Edna has ambitions to become a ghost hunter, though. 
Chris and his sim-bot play chess. 
He's just a couple of logic points away from fulfilling his lifetime wish of mastering handiness (done while still in corporeal body) and logic. 
Billie's latest work wardrobe. 
The girls have a chat. 
Sim-bot dreams in binary. That made me LOL. 
"I don't think this is how you do The Robot."
"I am a robot. I should know." 
Chris took a side job to repair a broken laptop. 
Sim bot went over and mourned it. Silly. 
Baby Willy is a toddler and has the option to return to the netherworld.
He was with us a short time, but goodbye, Willy. 
We put him out front by the apple trees. 
Chris has been searching the skies for something. 
I think it's a sign of when he's to return to the netherworld, also. 
Billie mastered gardening after work one day. 
You'd have thought she'd change her shoes at least. 
After work, Nora becomes a young adult.
She changes to the medical career and wants to be a creature-robot cross-breeder.
She's an odd girl. 
Sim bot shall be our slave. 
She's awful, though, has to be told again and again and breaks down. 
I got rid of her shortly hereafter. 
"I'm proud of you for being such a hard worker, sweetie."
"Thanks, Mom. I really like working. I want to live in the lap of luxury one day."
Remember babysitter Armin? 
Nora still has a crush on him, but now she's an adult and he's an adult...
She has him over for a date and since they're best friends already, he agrees.
"Nora, I feel funny."
"Of course you do..." 
"I also's just that you're such a beautiful young woman now..."
"Yes, Armin?" 
"I actually feel a bit woosy. Maybe I should lie down."
"I thought you'd never ask."
Kids, consensual sex, always. 
This is the family car. Great MPG. 
As a teen, Edna wants a new look.
"I was thinking an outfit, maybe?" 
"Yeah, or a tattoo." 

Stars on the back of her neck. 
A line of text down her right forearm. 
"She thinks that says something in Chinese, but it's just jibberish!"
"This is a job? Lame."
Billie mourns the ghost of Willy, who haunts nearby. 
"Armin, I'm a family sim and if you're going to date one of my daughters, I want lots of grandbabies. Why not date Edna, she's younger and can give you more kids."
"Chris, I'm not into Edna. I love Nora. And I promise you grandbabies; all she will allow."
Armin is also a family sim. 

"But how will you care for them? Do you have a job?"
"I'm a babysitter!"
"That's perfect.", it isn't! 
"Oh, little butterfly. Are you sleeping?"
He talked to this thing for like an hour. Ridiculous. 
Billie throws a wedding party at the beach for Nora and Armin. 
While there, she ages up to elder. 
A random passerby sees Chris' ghost and faints of fright (left). 
Chris becomes an elder too, but you can barely tell. 
"I take you, Armin, to be my husband..." 
"And, yeah, me too. We're gonna have babies!"
"What? Whatever." 
"Babies? What a strange ceremony. That guy is obsessed." 
Billie gets emotional. 
"I heard she's a doctor. Is he still babysitting?" 
Retirement, yay! 
Armin is forced to take a job. 
He is a kleptomaniac, so he joins the criminal field.
This is the building where they hideout - I mean work. 
Billie rocks out. 
"I got a new stepson. He is a big louse. Pays us no money. Lives in our house."
"Touchy touchy. It's not about you..." 
She reaches level 10 of guitar.
Nice outfit, McFly! 
The game chose this and it's perfect.
Armin goes to work. Awfully dressed up for a "babysitter." 
"You're such a hard worker, Edna. I hope I can become a doctor as quickly as you might. I look up to you, little sis."
"Aw, Nora! I can help you." 
"Are you gonna let Armin plant some seeds, if you know what I mean?"
"Well, it is a lot of fun trying." 
"But what about your career?" 
"Meh. How hard is doctoring? You just give them all antibiotics and sent them home." 
"Yeah, you are going to need me to help you fix this!" 
Pregnant already; honeymoon baby.
Cheesecake was the recipe for twins in Sims 2. 
I think it's Key Lime Pie in this game so she ate nothing but that her whole 3 days. 
"Armin, I'm pregnant!"
"Yes! Wonderful, Nora. The first of many."
"What? Nothing. It's just this medication I've been taking."
"Makes you forgetful?"
"No, fertile." 
"Let me rub your shoulders for you. You go rest." 
"Edna, I'm pregnant!"
"What about your career?"
Such a workaholic. 
Chris has no fear of sunburn so he naps in the lounger. 
"Babies come OUT of there, too? Ewwww." 
"Dad, I'm pregnant."
"Gee, Nora, your mother and I had figured that out. You're big as a house." 
"You know, when you were a little girl, I was your best friend."
"You still are, Dad."
"No, you're grown now, Nora. You have Armin."
"Yes, but..."
"I came back for you. You and your mother, you know."
"And Edna."
"I didn't even know Edna yet when I had to make the choice to return. But you, you were my shining star. I followed that light back here. You've made me very proud."
"Thanks, Dad. You sound like things are so final."
"There comes a time, honey, when I have to go back. I've been waiting."
"Dad, no."
"I'm going to wait a little longer." 
"I've got the crying toddler in my yard flamin' haunted baby blues." 
"Dad said he's just waiting, Mom. What do you think?"
"He wants to see his grandchildren, Nora."
"And then?"
"I think we both know. This hasn't been easy for him." 
Nora goes into labor and to the hospital. And lazy Armin?
Dreaming of playing video games. 
He does work odd hours.
Edna goes to the hospital.
"Ohhhh, I'm going to be an auntie!" 
"Where were you?"
"Me? I was...don't worry about that."
It's a girl!
They drop off little Amy in her crib and go make more. 
No really, immediately. She's pregnant again. 
Sheesh, Armin, just because both Billie and Chris wanted to have 5 grandkids doesn't mean you have to give them that wish.
"Billie, I think my life is complete. I've done everything I ever wanted."
"I know. I'd argue with you, but I know."
"It's time." 
2 graves of living ghosts out by the apple tree.

Armin's been a slob and a jerk.
Nora goes to deliver some produce and meets this man.
He's a vegetarian and loves gardening. 
They have so much in common.
He catches her eye, too. 
"Oh, Amy, I can't leave Armin. It's just a rough patch."
But still...
Of course, she doesn't know she's pregnant yet. 
She looks so old here. She's got a lot on her plate. 
Auntie Edna helps out with Amy.
Ghost Willy is aging. What? 
No, no, unacceptable! Get out of the bed. 
With her career in ghost hunting, Edna goes out to appease the spirits. 
It seems to work so far.
Who you gonna call? 
Ghost busters! 
There's something weird / in the neighborhood... 
Don't cross the streams! 
Tag 'em and bag 'em. 
"House is free of ghosts. I'll just play a little video games before I go."
"Get out!"
"Gee, sorry. You'd think they'd be more grateful."
Gigantic Nora. Day 2.
Any guesses how many babies are in there? 
Could be 1. Could be 2. Could be 3. 
I've never had triplets in a house, so I'm hoping for 3. 
"Mrrmgmgmmhhgg heist mmegggrrhhh rubies..." 
Uh oh. There's no good ending for a criminal who talks in his sleep.
Nora has twins!
A boy and a girl: Brenda and Clyde.
Yes, if I knew the genders first, she'd have been Bonnie.
They come up one at a time, so I only knew it was a girl.
Then it was a boy also. 
We convert the office for them. Babies only need beds, really.
Amy keeps her big room. 
Toddlers need more stuff and she'll be a toddler tomorrow.
Check back for Billie's inevitable death and the growth of Nora's babies.

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