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Cassada 25 - Patrick's adult life

Patrick leaves college and finds his own place. See Patrick as a kid HERE, as a teen HERE, and as a college student HERE. The college years were written as a part 1 for Sim Swap, but unfortunately Swap died after a long, slow, apathetic death and it never got written.

With the money I'd gotten from scholarships, I was able to pay for all of college and then a little. I saved up what I could working as a personal trainer and had enough to get myself started off nicely - that and the hope chest mom (Laci) packed was perfect for a first place. I had no real credit and couldn't afford a house, but found a nice new apartment building in town. I wouldn't have to travel far to find work and that was a plus.
I signed the lease, seeming fair, and moved on in. I couldn't wait to invite Ella over to see the new digs. I hoped she would want to move in with me. I'd had a crush on her since I was a teenager. It seemed so long ago that she came to put out our kitchen fire.
Upstairs is not much. In the bedroom are my desk and a murphy bed.
I put my synthesizer in the hall.
Downstairs and upstairs have bathrooms.
Downstairs is living space, living room, kitchen, dining area, all together. Its not much but I like it.
I met my neighbor, Mikael Mercer. He's recently divorced and misses his 2 kids horribly. He's a nice guy, lonely though. His place is much worse off than mine!
I applied for jobs downtown but ran into some relatives - Uncle Alessandro, fresh from luge practice, and Uncle Ryder, in town for once!
I found the strangest thing one day, a bottle on my doorstep. I was fooling around and rubbed it and NO KIDDING a genie came out! I just asked him to go back inside for now. I don't need to mess around with magic.
These are some of my neighbors, Sandy, Talin, and Juan. I have 5 neighbors altogether, including Mikael Mercer. The other one is an old man named Leo. He's kind of a jerk. I knew I'd have neighbors in an apartment, but never knew how much impact they'd have on my life!
And you remember Ella... my love, my sweet. Prettiest woman ever to have lived.
Don't get me wrong, I've dated. I even dated this girl Heather for a few months. It was getting kind of serious, but I think she's a little too unstable for me, and my heart always ached for Ella anyhow. But I wanted to know I could date if I wanted to, that I was desirable, that I was a man.My little sister, Sarah, came over for a visit. She said she missed my pajama dancing, kind of a family tradition ever weekend.
Sarah and Mikael got along well too, until he hit on my baby sister. I asked him to leave. Ugh.There was a problem with Ella. She came with a string attached. Ella said she would never, could never, commit to just one man. To be with her, I had to agree to an open relationship, where she could do as she pleased, and so could I. It sounded good on paper, but it was a lot of work! Sometimes I felt it was too much for me. Ella dated plenty! I didn't. I wanted to be with Ella. Why wouldn't she want to be just with me? Sometimes it was very hard on me to think like that. But I had agreed to the relationship and stuck with it.

I loved Ella and asked her to marry me.She accepted and we had a tiny, quiet ceremony. I have a giant family and didn't want a circus.
I kept working on the skills I needed to become an all star. Meanwhile, Ella dated everyone. Everyone of our neighbors had been in our bed, or on our sofas, or in our shower with my wife.
She got our rent lowered, and that was a nice perk. That's our landlady.
I have to admit, having an open relationship came with some sincere benefits for me as the husband, too! This was nice to come home to one afternoon.But sometimes I felt Ella took things too far. Like she was some kind of sex fiend. That's our paper delivery girl. She's just a teenager. Ella insists nothing really happened, but that was enough, I think. We had a talk about boundaries and Ella agreed to a few limited rules. She wasn't happy about it, though.Then something crazy happened. Ella got pregnant. She was using birth control, but these things are never 100% foolproof. And with all the fooling around she did, it was only a matter of time. I thought Ella would be upset over the pregnancy, but she was delighted.
Delighted and horny! She was worse than before. She was humping everyone. So much for our previous agreement.
She jumped me after work one day, "C'mon, Patrick, let's go inside and wake the baby!" "...Ella!" "You too, Mikael." /sigh
"Ella, honey, do you think the baby's mine?" "Oh, who knows, Patrick. Could be anyone's. What's it matter?" "It matters. Don't you think so?" "Nope." Nope? What kind of answer was that? Did she mean she loved it because it was hers and no matter who the father was? Did she mean she was just glad to be having a baby and as long as it was healthy it didn't matter? What did she mean?
My horny, pregnant wife even had a public whoohoo with some stranger at the store while we waited for the cab to take us back home. What the heck is wrong with her? She just can't control herself and if I tell her no, she finds someone to tell her yes. She's beautiful and its easy for her to find a man - or a woman, for that matter - to agree to boink her. I told her that sex with random people, especially while pregnant, was dangerous and what if she got a SimTD? She agreed to lay low for a few weeks - since she was due in a few weeks. But who knows what went on while I was at work?
Apparently, the answer as to why she didn't care whose baby it was is because she had no intention to keep the baby. She had a social worker over to discuss the details. The worker lectured her, then had a romp with her.
And when the baby was born, a boy named Arlen - Mikael's baby in case you wondered - she simply phoned the social worker and it was adopted out. Mikael was given the option to keep him, but he was still heartbroken over his divorce and just couldn't take care of a baby on his salary with the child support he paid out.
Ella got a new job from Sandy, a neighbor she'd been carrying on with since she moved in, and liked meeting lots of new people at work.
I decided I needed to either walk away or accept things as they were. I'd pined over this woman for the better part of 10 years and now 3 years into our relationship I was thinking of leaving. Had I not married this woman? Had I not known the stipulations of getting involved with her? She'd been honest from the start. But I was having a hard time of it. That was my deficiency. I had to try harder.

Ella got pregnant on accident again. This time, I asked for an amniocentesis to determine if I was the father. I was not. I didn't let myself get attached, knowing this one would go up for adoption too. I just rode the horny train for those many months and papmered her as best as possible.
I figured if I kept her busy, the neighborhood wouldn't have to. She agreed not to sleep with "anyone new" during the pregnancy. That was good enough.
One afternoon, she sent me to her stylist for a makeover. She said my look was "too boyish" and I needed to look more my age. I agreed. I'd been wanting to get rid of my contacts for ages anyhow.
I got frustrated with Ella one day for being callous. She kicked me out of our bedroom to have sex with the magician.
That was just wrong. I continued to do well at work and got promoted to top of my career.With less time at work, I spent more time with Ella. Ella said she wanted to have a baby with me, a baby to keep. I asked if she was sure. I knew she was starting to get to the age where she gets that ticking and wanted to know if that would last. She said she was sure and got off birth control (that was only partly effective anyhow). It wasn't long before she was carrying our child. Our actual child.
She nested, she acted like a changed woman. I wasn't sure I liked that.
She bought a little sexy maternity outfit. I loved that. I had gotten so used to having sex with her pregnant the last few years, that hard belly turned me on, now. I'm a conditioned animal.
She took up sewing. It was strange. She is quite a bit older than me, so I guess she's slowing down. She sure lived the rest of life in high gear.
Remembering her high sex drive, normally, and how much higher it was during pregnancy, I had my wife in every way in every part of the house. Including the kitchen sink.
Ella's water broke and I was there. We rushed her to the hospital and the social worker met us there. We told her to go away, this was our baby, and delivery was fine. We had a daughter, Melody. We didn't name the previous baby as it went right for adoption and we didn't see the point. We never knew the father of that one. Could have been anyone in Cassada. Melody was a joy.
Oh, we still have an open relationship. We haven't figured out how we're going to tell Melody about that. But for now, she's tiny and doesn't understand what she sees. There are still perks. Talin, in our apartment complex, and a lover of my wife, takes care of Melody while Ella is at work sometimes, for free.
Ella is a great mother. She dotes on Melody and while Melody is asleep, which is frequently, she has company over to dote on her.
That winter, was the coldest of record. Mikael and Leo got frostbite. The came in to thaw off. I made cocoa and Ella, well, Ella warmed them up in a different way.
Ella stays home mostly, when not at work. I've gotten used to the traffic in and out of the house and she's gotten better at being curteous about her trysts. She doesn't kick me out to have someone over. I don't give her a ration of trouble about it. We have a good system so far.

Melody sleeps a lot. She's a toddler now. Into everything. And when I want to sow my oats, I leave her home with Ella and go out.
I recently got in touch with Ida from college. She's a great dancer, though we have little in common. We worry about being in public, though I know my wife won't mind and she knows that too. She doesn't want a reputation, and I can't blame her. But I want her and who could blame me? Luckily, C'Mart has dressing booths for a modicum of privacy.
We're considering moving, though Ella loves (ahem, yeah) our neighbors. The place is just so small with Melody and she keeps getting bigger and having more stuff. With just us 2 its easy, but with a kid, we're cramped. Our bedroom now contains the synthesizer and the desk and the sewing table.
Melody has the little corner space.
And downstairs has her high chair and some toys of course. Plus the radio. She loves jazz.
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