Friday, April 11, 2008

Cassada Play 19 - Laci's house

Sean takes care of Sarah before he gets off to work.Heroic Sean saves the baby from the house fire...ahem, that he set accidentally. I found it funny that Sean put the baby in that puddle you see on the ground (it had been raining). Did he mean to keep the baby wet to avoid the fire?
Lonely Mr. Mercer does a lot of walking by himself. I think he really misses his family and his dog.
Oh, the horrors! She's forced to wake up to her parents having whoohoo. You'd wail too!
Sarah as a child. Bleh. Red hair is not my favorite!
Patrick helps out around the house.
The kids share the upstairs bedroom. I love this house but its really not meant for this many sims.
And Tide is still doing well.
Although we truly loved our beach house Azure Place, it simply wasn't big enough for the four of us and we wanted to add one more child to our family. With Patrick and Sarah already sharing a room, it simply wouldn't be possible. So, we moved into the new place in a pre-fab home by Ikea.
Sean's favorite room is the entertainment room.
Laci loves the layout of the living room and big kitchen. The old one was so cramped.
Sarah gets her own room with a fun but young feel.
And Patrick's room is a little more grown up for a bigger kid.
Laci and Sean's room is the largest and has an attached bathroom.
The dining room sits just off the kitchen near the guest bathroom.
In the upstairs hall is the "bug collection" - ant farm.
It wasn't long before the third child was on its way.
I forgot to mention the pool!
Baby Billy completes the family.
His things are kept in the parents' room. There isn't an extra bedroom for Billy.
So they added on to the house. Patrick was upset and felt it ruined the look of the house, plus the only way to get to "the playroom" as Laci called it, was through the doors now installed in Sarah and Patrick's rooms.
The new layout.
Partick grew to a teen and felt it could not be too soon. All this baby stuff was just too much.
Billy is the first of their children to have dark hair. Finally! But none of them have Laci's Fanboy eyes.
Laci cheers for her kids as they shoot hoops together.
Brother-in-law Adam stops by and has no issue with a chat during Sean's bath.
Sarah is a great diver! She did a flip in the air before a splash-less landing.
Ghost sheets...spooky.
Patrick does his big brother duties and helps Billy grow up.
A small fire in the kitchen alerts the local fire station and this lovely lady steals Patrick's heart at first glance. He decides instantly that he's going to college to become a fire fighter too. He leaves at once. Good riddance to tiny siblings. When Billy is big enough, he'll have Partick's room.
Laci loves parenting. She feels with her big family (9 siblings) she was born for it.
The playroom.
Tide is taught to use the toilet.
Sarah grows up to be a knockout. Who'd have guessed?
Sister Moora hangs out with Laci.
Sarah is a good big sister.
And silly.
Billy grows up and gets to take over Patrick's old room.
Family smustle.
Family photos
Is it Sunday morning? Time for pajama dancing!
Sarah's friend becomes her girlfriend.
But she's also seeing the grocer.
"Hi, dad, don't go in there...I, um..."
"Get out!"
She's also seeing her brother's best friend.
He's more like family.
All that fooling around gets Sarah pregnant. Oh no! She spends time in the shower thinking.
"We could send her to stay with family until the baby's born."
"All my family is in town. This is a disgrace! What will they say at our jobs? She has to abort it." Sean thinks it should be Sarah's decision. Besides, he tells Laci, what's one more baby? Then they fought.
Sarah decides that abortion is not the right choice for her. She can only cook mac'n'cheese. She's not ready to care for an infant.
Sure, she's a good big sister, but that's not a life long responsibility. Not in the same way.She decides to give up her child for adoption. She'll need her parents consent. She'd request consent of her boyfriends, but she doesn't know whose baby it is.
The talk with Laci goes badly. Laci tells Sarah that she should abort, that the family has decided what is best for her. You know teens, you can't tell them that. She rebels, then she pleads. Laci stands firm to her decision.
Sarah takes some private time to pray on her decision. She feels adoption is the right choice for her. She only needs to go back to that scary conversation and have it again, this time more prepared.
It isn't easy, but she is clear and Laci finally agrees to try and help Sarah find an agency.
Billy is just glad the tension in the house has settled down.
Pregnancy requires a lot of sleeping.
Billy is invited to My Muse.
Sarah has son Ryan. She allowed the adoptive parents to name him. She holds him just twice before he leaves her life. She's in an open adoption, so the foster parents will send her letters and photos every now and again.
The adoptive parents are an older lesbian couple. This is the first photo from 1 month old.
Sean, bored with nursing, or having a mid-life crisis as Laci calls it, tries his hand at stand up comedy. He does okay, as long as he keeps his day job.
Although she feels she made the right decision, Sarah still fights postpartum depression.
Things turn around when her girlfriend comes by to be supportive. Neither of the boys came by at all. Even grocery boy father. Sarah swears off men and gives her girlfriend a promise ring.

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Tiffany said...

Looks like Patrick probably made the right decision getting the heck out of dodge. Less family drama to worry about plus he can become a fire fighter much sooner. Sarah is certainly easy on the eyes. It’s a shame where that got her. I like the shot of her ‘praying’. It looked very original. Also, I think little Billy’s adorable in that argyle sweater.