Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cassada Play 3 - Jordy & Kim total 10 kids

Since we last left off, Kim Fanboy has been on a mission to finish those 10 kids she started on. She had 7 at the end of the last installment. Recall the most recent twins, Jeremy and Madelyn. Both quite attractive as children, even if Jeremy was an evil toddler.
The eldest child still home is Laci, daddy's girl who runs for a hug every day when Jordy gets home from work. Jordy and Kim have been working on making more friends so Jordy can get promoted. Its slow going. Laci knows she loves a big family and wants one of her own. You see her here greeting the 10th child. I've spared you the toddlerhood of the last set of twins, Gordon and Ryder, my only same-sex twins of three sets. Leave it to say that Laci spent a lot of time with her tiny brothers playing tickle and enjoying their toys with them. This last child is Allesandro.
Laci grew up and Maxim picked all pink, which also happens to go with her pinkish makeup. Good choice. I think I'll even leave the hair alone for now. We'll see how she transitions into young adult hood. Off to college, Laci!
Twins Jeremy and Madelyn transition together.
"Oh my god, Jeremy, we're so hot!" "I know, Madelyn. What do we do with these new bodies?" "Oh, I think we'll find out." Jeremy is a popularity sim and Madelyn is romance. Or was it the other way around? Off to college, you two.
That leaves only Jordy, Kim, the toddlers Gordon and Ryder, and the infant Allesandro in the house. I think I'll leave the family alone for awhile. I have 7 teens from the family in college and will play them all in one house. What a challenge this will be! I hope I'm up to all that micro managing to keep them from failing out. "Look, I don't care who does this term paper. All I care is that it gets done."

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Vix said...

Wow, sure do have your hands full with that one. In my Cassada, I have a family working on only 6 kids and at 4.5(ones on the way) they are a handful even though 3 are now teens and the youngest is a tot-pregnant mommy isn't very happy. Can't wait to see how the 7fare in college!