Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cassada Play 2 - Jordy and Kim have 3 more kids

Two sessions worth of playing. I didn't have time to blog the first day, so you get a double dose, and boy is it a doosey! Without further ado...

The eldest, Franklin, is now a child. Little Darcy (far left) is the 2nd child. Twins Moora and Leo, bottom, are coincidentally dressed in tropical wear. I have used default clothes for all children, however hair has been changed.
Kim says, "Jordy, let's have another baby!" "You're kidding me, right, Kim?"
Meanwhile, downstairs: Chaos! Leo and older brother Franklin have a pillow fight. I'm missing the picture of the girls, Darcy and Moora, jumping on beds. Leave these sims alone for one minutes and they tear up the house.
A house full of tweens. Or, as my favorite parenting author John Rosemond says "Why god invented boarding school."
Spontaneous synchronized catch.
Number one son grows up and immediately moves away to college. What a pony face, bleh. Although he was adopted by Jordy through the FFS Debugger Courts and assumed the last name Fanboy, he's decided to keep the mask. He kinda likes it. Hides his face, anyhow."Guess what kids? Mommy's pregnant...again." She lets them pick their own clothes. Soon after, Kim has Laci.
Kim's giving birth to...a book of gnomes? Gross! No no... its... its... another set of twins! Cheese and Cake. No, not really. Jeremy and Madelyn.
"I'm a fortune sim. I can't afford SEVEN children!" Jordy goes over the deep end. Its been really hard to keep up their friendships so he can get promoted [read: they haven't been able to do it] so Jordy's been a little dissatisfied. But hey, Kim can only reproduce for so long, right? I mean, someday she'll go back to work at the flower store and not be on permanent maternity leave, right? Please?"...Hey, Jordy..." "Kim, get out." "What?" "You start with that baby stuff and I'll kick you right out of this bed. I swear it." "But Jordy..." "Couch." "..."
Just because you have 7 kids doesn't mean you have to look like it. Besides she has to look good for Jordy if she's going to convince him to knock her up again, right? To heck with going to work.
Darcy becomes a teenager. "Hey! Check out my smokin' body! Now I can finally date." "Hold it right there, young lady. Need I remind you that dating leads to having seven kids. ...Not that there's anything wrong with that..."
Jordy and Kim enjoy a pillowfight in their matching underwear with the twins Jeremy and Madelyn sleeping nearby. Is...is that another bump? Oh dear gods, what have you two done?
Laci is Daddy's little girl.
Since I haven't shown them to you yet, here's Jeremy. He eats live crickets. See how evil he looks!
And this is Madelyn. She's the best looking toddler so far.Jordy thought he'd had the worst of it with seven kids and another (hopefully just 1) on the way...that is, until his Moora grew up and dressed like...well. Like someone he'd date.
And if Moora grows up so does her twin Leo. "Look how big and strong I am now, Moora!" "Whatever, Leo." Kim looks determined "Must. Have. More. Babies." All teens immediately move to college.
"Must. Have. More. Babies." Kim! Just wait okay? You're big enough to have twins naturally. The first set was natural, and you're huge. Just wait. "No. Must have more more more babies." Yikes! /runs away.
We have a nanny and a maid and this is what Jordy comes home to?!? Disgraceful. I leave you here. That's enough for now.


semele said...

Follow up: I decided to upgrade their current house, making it 3 stories, instead of having them move.

Tiffany said...

You're mad woman. 10 kids? That's suicide, but hey I did it so why shouldn't you. Try for 30 grandkids next...that would be fun. :)