Sunday, November 04, 2007

Cassada Play 1 - Jordy marries, has 4 kids

All done with testing, Cass sent me the file for Cassada Main Neighborhood (N007 - the secret spy neighborhood). I installed it and moved poor Jordy Fanboy, so fond of moving around Cassadas, into the new hopefully bug free hood. Indeed, it seems mostly bug free to me. The only problems I've found so far are a lack of doors at the Decor store and the Furniture store. Frustrating because I don't know how to install the doors given I'm not supposed to play Lord Overlord. Sigh. If you have a solution, please IM me or post here. I think I reset my settings so that your posts will send to my email, but I'm not sure of that. Oh, and the beach house is gone, I think. So sad. I liked it much.

Took Jordy to the florist where he bought a snapdragon (what purpose do they serve? I can't see any result) and met some locals.
The only mismatch in my game so far is a teenager whose portrait shows black pigtails and who looks blonde in person. Huh.
Amy Aha (of the Swap Aha family) walks by and befriends Jordy. She's still having a half pregnant thing going on.
One of my few in-game replacement mods: Slurm (from Futurama) replaces my soda cans. The other in-game replacement is the baby bottle which looks like a clear & patterned bottle, not that icky green default one.
Jordy tries to find love in a townie, but she isn't home to visit so he calls another townie, Kim Perkins, who is home. It is by this chance alone that Sandra (I forget her last name, a dark skinned woman with a bob haircut) is not his mate.
Jordy tries a flirt and is successful.
He proposes before she has to leave and she accepts.
Jordy says "Hey, wait a minute. She told me she was over 18!" Kim transitions from young adult to adult. Who knew? They had, uh, already consummated their relationship. Sigh.
Kim gets an instant makeover into something that says "young mom and married woman" instead of "I just had a birthday!"
I'm so mean. That's a baby bump, yep.
Jordy proposes marriage and Kim...turns him down. They instantly go -100 to one another. What?!? One of her wants was to marry Jordy! As punishment I make her propose. Not that table surprise stuff either, on bended knee.I have to try several times before they successfully marry. Thank you, Sim Modder! I don't know why. She's a family sim, He's a fortune sim. No reason not to marry, especially since it's a want of theirs. Frustrating. I tried very hard to get them married before she gave birth but no luck. It was just afterward.

Jordy comes home to a snow-covered house that was green this morning. He's working his way up the Law track. Kim is an employee at the florist. I'm afraid to have her change jobs for fear that lot may break. She works 9-5 and gets no vacation days. That Lord Overlord is a slave driver. Hahaha!This cute little pengy showed up just to piddle on the sidewalk, shake it off his feet, and move on. Gross.
Jordy's first child, Franklin, is born out of wedlock and retains the last name of Perkins. Bleh. First born spare heir. They get right to work on a 2nd child, as is Kim's wish. Of course, Kim never seems to know what she wants!
As a Perkins, Franklin must wear a mask of shame. Mwahahaha.
Aw, I guess its not so shameful. Kinda cute, actually. Franklin's mad because our nanny, Nanny Ahwasin (Allison), who is neat and nice accidentally made a kitchen fire and the alarm woke him.
Franklin's little sister is finally a Fanboy. How cute is Darcy? I love that the game randomly picks hair & outfits now. Coincidentally, her default jammies are Christmas themed too.
On her third pregnancy (yes, Kim said she wanted another baby, as soon as the last one hit toddler) Kim is gigantic. The pregnancy has been fairly easy, compared to the first one, but I wonder if its twins. No one in the house knows how to make cheesecake yet, although Franklin has tons of skills. He's a fast learner and had smart milk as a toddler. Coincidence?
Yep! Its twins. A girl and a boy. Moora has red hair like her mother and was born first and Leo has black hair like his father (well, its custom, but whatever) and was second born. What's Kim want now? 10 kids. Sheesh. I think we've outgrown this house and as soon as the twins are toddlers they're going to have to move or share their bedroom. That won't leave much time for making more babies. I figure since she can't change jobs, she might as well be a baby factory. Might as well since I'm playing this neighborhood for population and what a population boom Kim's in charge of!
That's it for now. I haven't played the Aha family yet although I moved them in and here they'll stay. Mestral is friends with Kim and Amy is friends with Jordy so they seem to be settling in. Look for those posts over in Swap once I'm inspired for an idea.


Cassandra said...

You can play Lord Overlord but my advice is don't play him for long...get him on the lot, pause the game, put the doors on(why does your computer hate doors?), save and leave the lot.

In the case of townies that work for Lord Overlord that you want to marry in: Have him go to the lot call in the employee in question and fire them and hire another employee and assign them the task of the old employee, send everyone home, save, and send Overlord home.

You may want to consider boolpropping him to the beginning of Adulthood if you have to adjust things too much but I have a feeling things will be fine. As long as you don't take him to his businesses and leave them open you'll be fine(there should be open closed signs at all his businesses but they should default to closed anyway).

Snapdragons that give off pink fog raise every motive but energy so if placed on a side table when a sim wakes up all their needs with be full:) If they are not working you may have to get Lord Overlord to make new. Green fogging Snapdragons(there may be one I forget) make motives drop faster.

Hope that's helpful!

Cass :)

Vix said...

Why punish the kid for the parents' goof? This is actually pretty funny, I hate when they have the want to marry but always refuse when the question is poped...maybe they want it done in a special way? Hard headedness I tell ya.

semele said...

Don't worry. Little Franklin will still be living in Cassada. He'll go to college (if he wants to) and marry (if he wants to) and all that good jazz. I just won't be counting him in the 10 generations I'm aiming for. No, not a legacy, no points, just for fun. Maybe he'll marry one of the Aha children. His fate is as yet undermined. Of course, he doesn't have to count for the 10 gens as he already has 3 siblings in his generation.