Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cassada Play 21 - Leo's House

When we last left Leo Fanboy, he had taken his family to the Flaming Dragon in the Far East on a long vacation. Unfortunately, only their first night in the hotel was good. Robin, Leo's wife and college sweetheart, had taken their two girls, Lakshmi and Maureen, shopping. Leo, a grilled cheese sim, decided to get himself a bite in the hotel's 5-plumbob restaurant. First he waited over 30 minutes to be seated even though tons of tables appeared to be empty.Then his table had not been bussed and still had a ramen bowl on it. He waited another 20 minutes for the waiter to come with some water - no bread - and tell him about the films the restaurant had been featured in. When Leo asked about the bowl, the waiter left saying she would get someone, but 45 minutes later, she did not return.
Leo spoke to a manager, who had been also doing hostess duty that day, and complained about the slow service and dirty table. He didn't expect it was TGIFridays, but still!
She reacted appropriately, but even 20 minutes later, Leo still had no menu. Five plumbobs for this?
Once the family came back from shopping, Leo talked about his dramatic almost-lunch and the family decided that enough was enough and checked out of the hotel early. They stayed at some cheap hotel for the last couple of days of their trip, but it really ruined their vacation.
At least it was pretty, sighed Lakshmi. [Who I have been calling Lakshimi for months]
Leo was so fuming mad when they left. He was just eager to return home, where he could get a decent grilled cheese sandwich.
Robin, too, had missed the comforts of home.
Lakshmi missed Pandy, her womrat. Don't worry, a neighbor had been by to collect the mail and feed the pet!
"Now this is a lunch!" stated a satisfied Leo. Everyone mumbled assent.
Maureen was growing up so fast. Stay-at-home-dad, Leo had noticed Maureen didn't even seem to like to talk about grilled cheese anymore. What the hey? They get so big!
Lakshmi spends some quality time helping Robin gear up for her next promotion. As the primary breadwinner, its important she have the necessary skills for work. Lakshmi's part time job was just pocket money for her, not to help the house.
Leo approached Robin about having another pitter patter of little feet.
"After all, Robin, the kids are so big. I mean, yeah, Lakshmi's adopted, but she's been ours for so long! And she's getting so big. She's nearly off to college, if that's her plan."
"And Maureen's a pre-teen now. Almost a teenager herself. So grown. Expressing her own opinions."
"And you see how good a job I do taking care of the kids - both straight A students, as you know - and the house is always clean, and I even keep up my looks for you. We can handle one more."
"With your successes at work, let's give it a try. I'll keep all the work of it - except the labor part, of course - which I'd gladly do for you if I could."

"Leo, men always say that knowing its not possible. At work, I'm devising a way to do just that."

"You, you're what?"

"The look on your face! Haha! I'm kidding, Leo. Okay, lets try for one more, but first before we even start trying, we need to refinish the attic so there can be a bedroom up there."

With Robin's slightly advanced maternal age, they decided to turn to herbal fertility drugs to give them an extra boost.
And they got more than they bargained for. "I wanted one...I got four. And all girls, poor Leo!"
Marianne, Jennifer, Amanda, and Shirley.
All four have those classic Fanboy eyes and dark hair - both parents have black hair.
The refinished attic holds a playroom, bathroom, and sitting area - with extra bottle-filled fridge - on one side.
And a bedroom with changing table and baby bath on the other side. The pink and blue carpet was chosen before the sexes were determined.
Lakshmi helps out a little to give Robin a chance to relax. Four babies is frustrating stuff.
Maureen grew up. She is so enamored with her little sisters that she wants a big family of her own. Leo feels like she's lost in a dream world sometimes, but his little girl still believes in a Prince Charming, and he's not going to burst that bubble for her.
Leo checks in on his big girls before drowning in diapers from his little girls.


Vix said...

"five plumbob restaurant" I love it. I'm sure having four newborns in that house sure is overwhelming. When my sims just have twins I feel like I am in over my head sometimes. Great update, seems the neighborhood is growing quite rapidly.

semele said...

I forsee some age cheating on my part in the very near future instead of playing 4 infants through to childhood.

Tiffany said...

Wow! 4 babies at once. That's tough. I'd definitely use the age cheating method. You'd be crazy not to. Babies aren't too bad but toddlers can drive a person in sane!