Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cassada Play 20 - Gordon's House

Cass was finding it increasingly difficult to hide the alien baby their father had...birthed?...from her two sets of twins. After many long talks and tears with Gordon, they decided it would be best if they sent the kids away for awhile. They obviously couldn't send the secret alien children anywhere as no one knew they existed, hopefully. So the only choice, and a heart breaking one at that, was to send the kids out of the house. At least until they figured out what else they could do.
Miranda and Giselle went to a private boarding school. They were almost excited about it.Cory and Josh were just barely old enough to enter college. Gordon pulled some military strings. They were not pleased at missing parts of their senior year, but when Gordon put his foot down, they didn't argue anymore.
Gordon seemed almost unphased by all of it on the surface, but inside he was torn up. Only Cass would know that. Part of his military life required him to be hard, but inside he was all softie for his kids.
They were under some sort of surveillance. This guy kept dropping by, leaving weird packages. When Gordon finally caught him, he produced identification saying he was Rod Humble. Like that's a real name! Pffhh.
Gordon was compelled to figure out where alien baby Yingwe came from when it happened again, this time in broad daylight.
He was visibly shaken upon return. He was more worried for who might have seen the abduction than he was for his ordeal.
He comforted himself with some cheesecake I'd been cooling on the counter from that morning.
Soon enough, he was pregnant with more alien baby.
This time it was twins. Bane and Maelstrom, two boys.
Much as we were almost disgusted with having three alien babies we had to keep secret in the house and having to send our beloved kids out into the world without us, we'd have to admit that they were growing on us, just like any kids would.
The nursery.The girls' room, empty.
The boys' room, empty.
We miss our other kids.

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Tiffany said...

Well, why the heck did Gordon go and get himself abducted again? That was just stupid on his part. I'm interested to see where you take this.