Saturday, May 24, 2014

Thrones - Buildings

I finish the buildings including the main living quarters for the challenge participants and the temple to The Seven new gods. 

The coveted throne! This is the prize for winning. In the game of thrones, you win or you die. So, I guess there's 2 prizes, technically.

Ground floor: living areas, shared common space.
Kitchen and dining, including a "kids' table for Joffrey and John "Robin" because it made me laugh to think of Joffrey in a froggy chair.

Activity areas including a cyvasse (chess) table, guitar, easel, a couple of computers, and a tabletop game.

 Sitting areas complete with books and music.

A pool table, because why not? There's a bunch of them and they're going to need activities to do together. Also, a downstairs half-bath.

The temple of The Seven, where the players can worship the new gods. I used gnomes just to mess with things, knowing they won't stay put. Turns out I had exactly 7 gnomes; fate?

A heart tree for the old gods, a kraken on pebbles for the Drowned God, and a mysterious statue for whatever they worship in Dorne. None of these players keep the red god, to my knowledge.

A fire pit with seating as well as a hot tub, just because. They're rich, they get luxuries.

Danerys' room is now complete with a dragon egg. I've decided to give her only 1.

I uploaded it complete to the exchange, but of course it didn't take and I don't know how to re-upload when it is greyed out like it's already done.

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