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Game of Thrones Challenge for Sims 3

There are 9 great houses of the Song of Fire and Ice (Game of Thrones) series. 2 houses combined to create a single heir, leaving just 8, the perfect amount for a full house for your Sims game. Play the 8 characters, hopefully falling in love with them all, and kill them off, 1 by 1, just like George R.R. Martin would, to see who wins the Game of Thrones.

This challenge is written without spoilers from any of the books or the TV show. Play it and blog it as a story for best results.

The 9 houses and their next-in-line for the throne:
  1. Stark, "Winter Is Coming", grey direwolf on a white field - Robb Stark, [this part is difficult without any spoilers], brave and a true friend, naturally good at what he sets his mind to, religion: the old gods (heart tree)
  2. Baratheon, "Ours Is the Fury", black stag on a gold background, combined with Lannister, "Hear Me Roar", golden lion on a crimson background - Joffrey Baratheon, notoriously cruel, enjoys hunting but isn't terribly good at it, utilizes his wealth to cover his flaws, religion: the seven gods
  3. Tyrell, "Growing Strong", golden rose on a green field - Loras Tyrell, lord of flowers, a tournament champion, homosexual, religion: the seven gods
  4. Greyjoy, "We Do Not Sow", golden kraken on a black field - Theon Greyjoy, raised with Robb Stark as his father's hostage, believe in getting what they want by killing the person who has it (paying the iron price), religion: drowned god
  5. Daenerys Targaryen, "Fire and Blood", a red 3-headed dragon on a black field - religion: the seven gods
  6. Arryn, "As High as Honor", white crescent moon and falcon on a sky-blue field - Robert "Robin" Arryn, a child whose father was murdered for knowing too much, overly protected by his mother and not exposed to others, spoiled, sickly and prone to seizures, acts younger than his years, religion: the seven gods
  7. Tully, "Family, Duty, Honor", silver trout on red and blue - Edmure Tully, father is dying and sedated on medication, uncle to Robb Stark as his mother's brother, fond of ladies/wenching, hot-headed and quick to make decisions, good-hearted, religion: the seven gods
  8. Martell, "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken", red sun pierced by a gold spear on an orange field - Oberyn Martell, "the red viper", hot-headed, bisexual, quick wit and a sharp tongue, religion: the seven gods (? I'm unsure)
Start your characters and dress them in their house colors. If you want to get started right away, I've linked created characters for you, but you do not have to use these. My created characters are at My EA Studio Page. Give them the personalities above and the features/traits below:
  1. Robb Stark - young adult, blue eyes and red-brown hair, perfectionist, loves the outdoors, good, dog person, brave
  2. Joffrey Baratheon - teen, blonde with blue eyes, mean-spirited, evil, snob, can't stand art
  3. Loras Tyrell - young adult, blonde and handsome, schmoozer, great kisser, commitment issues, charismatic, flirty
  4. Theon Greyjoy - young adult, dark features and handsome, ambitious,  family-oriented, grumpy, loser, unlucky
  5. Daenerys Targaryen - young adult, silver hair and purple eyes, ambitious, brave, commitment issues, excitable, frugal
  6. Robert "Robin" Arryn - child, pale and thin with brown hair, hot-headed, loner, overly-emotional
  7. Edmure Tully - adult, red-brown hair and a beard, clumsy brooding, athletic, family-oriented, heavy sleeper (almost a spoiler)
  8. Oberyn Martell - adult, sharp features and dark skin with dark hair, hot-headed, handy, good sense of humor, family-oriented, daredevil
Game Play:
  • Create your characters. Change personality traits from what I've listed if you find it fits the character better (you may disagree, or may have only seen the TV show, or have expansion packs that I don't).
  • Move them into an empty lot. Use Motherlode to add as much money as your Sims need for decorating and bill-paying; they're wealthy families anyhow. Make a house big enough for your 8 characters to have their own space (separate rooms or not), with a bed for everyone and whatever you feel they need to have.
  • You may choose to give your Sims jobs or not. You may choose their LTW, but it must exclude reaching a certain dollar value for themselves or their house as you'll plat them just in making their living space. They can go off-property and do almost anything you choose. 
  • The Sims must decline trips and vacations, anything that takes them away from the home area.
  • Do not add any Sims to the home lot at any time during the challenge - no marrying in, no procreating or adopting, no pets. Do not move anyone out before their death. I recommend you put Daenerys on birth control with a mod, also.
  • Play your characters any way you like for 3 game days. Lay the foundation for your story. 
  • Roll an 8-sided die (or use a random generator or choose numbers from a hat) to determine who dies first. No playing favorites! In the books, your favorites die; deal with it. Edmure and Oberyn are at a slight disadvantage by their ages.
  • Spend the next 3 days playing that character and making us like them, without giving away who dies next, then kill them (with a mod, not by some natural Sims means) at around midnight on the 5th day. (See Mods, below) Do play all the characters in your lot. *Optional change: If you don't use mods, save, go to Edit Town, Split Household, and move that character to the clipboard and delete him.
  • Roll again, and repeat. 
  • Link your story in the comments so we can all enjoy it. 
If you have Dragon Valley you may give Daenerys up to 3 dragons. No one else can have dragons.
I see no reason you couldn't do the same challenge in Sims 2 with some modifications.

NRAAS (I think this is the one that lets you kill a Sim), AwesomeMod (generally makes your game more user friendly). If you cannot kill off your Sim because you don't use mods, delete them from the split household, but don't move them to another house; you don't want them showing up in the neighborhood or still calling their friends in the house - except Joffrey, because nobody is going to call that jerk.

If you find errors in this post, please let me know.
If you find ways to improve the challenge, please let me know.
This has not yet been play-tested, so I expect that it will not work properly just yet. Please be patient and offer your suggestions as you play through.

More information on your characters can be found here for the BOOKS, and here for the SHOW.

If you have a character you made and want to share, link it in the comments. Same with houses, lots, etc.
I'd love someone to make a town with all the houses, centers to worship the 3 religions, a tournament area, and an iron throne. If you do, link it in the comments. I'd love to see/play it!

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