Monday, April 07, 2008

April / May Challenge

This challenge was to get your farming family as many challenge points as possible. I've documented them to show you how it went. Here goes:

Our founders:
Emma and Gerald are both Family Sims
Changes in the house:
The base house, under financial constraints, is just a box with the necessities in it
Made a little more room. You can see the mounted fish on the left wall, the juicer along the left wall also, only Emma's bed needed. Added plant lights just after this also.
And the money trees. You can see the compost bin out front left.
Once I realized that Emma's predestined hobby was arts and crafts I got her the pottery wheel and helped to supplement the income by selling the plates
I also had them Dig for Treasure a lot. That kept them afloat no problem and no one ever had a job for the Extreme Start bonus of 15 points. They also sold a little fish. Number of times off lot: 1 to buy clothes for the girls. Number of times eating off the lot: 0. Number of times buying groceries: 1. And even that I could have skipped by having Emma eat leftovers instead of cooking breakfast, but she felt like eggs and I wanted her to have them. The Extreme Start was super easy.

Each sim that turns plant = 20 points for Gerald, my first ever natural plant sim.
Each spawned plant sim is 5 points: Gerald's spawn Ewan
Gerald's spawn Drea
Ewan's spawn Andi (on the left, painting) = 15 total pointsAlso, each framed type of item caught in your own pond = 5 points, total of 5 fish and a boot = 30 points (boot, largemouth bass, jumbo largemouth bass, blue catfish, jumbo blue catfish, rainbow trout, jumbo rainbow trout)Even when it was not winter, the Penguin would come and jump up trying to get the fish. Adorable!
Regarding trees, had 2 of each kind. No additional trees for bonus points.
Additional 30 points for having my own pond with fish in it
I did have the compost bin for 5 points
And a juicer with some tomatoes in it for 10 points
We did join the gardening club for 20 points, but never earned the wishing well reward.
No one was able to get the gold badge in fishing or gardening, surprisingly. But several members of the household had bronze or silver.
Number of plants harvested while thriving: 12. At 15 points each, that's 180 points
Total number of green houses: 4. That's one over the minimum for 30 points. Each had a sprinkler at 5 points for another 20 points.
There was a lot of skill-maxing going on with the plant sims having nothing to do at night
Sometimes going for a hike yields a new friend. Sometimes it gives you items to sell. And sometimes you get chased by bees.
Five snowmen, all nice! Plant sim children seem to be clones of their parent's genetics. Since Gerald had two of the spawn and his spawn Ewan had the other, All three of them are exactly the same. Boring!
In the Zone for Nature: 2 sims at 5 points each = 10 points
In the Zone for Tinkering: 1 sims at 5 points each = 5 points
In the Zone for arts and crafts: 3 sims at 5 points each = 15 points
Andi (being visited by a My Muse representative)
In the Zone for their predestined hobby: 2 sims at 10 points each = 20 points
Never found out what Andi or Drea's predestined hobbies were
Gerald never got it for tinker
Emma - arts and crafts
Ewan - tinker
In a house of chlorophyll, Emma wanted a baby of her own that wouldn't immediately be an adult. She and Gerald had an old fashioned date that satisfied that.
Look how the snow dusts it. Cute, huh? My friend who designs games says no one notices these things, but I do.
Emma expecting her first biological child/children. She has the aspiration points in family so there is an increased chance of twins.
Emma's latest work.
No where in the rules did it say I could not use my aspiration points to buy money trees. In fact, it says "free use of any reward objects as your sims have earned them". So I had 8 of em. I only wish I'd put them in sooner.
My wall of family portraits:
Parents Gerald and Emma and Ewan, Gerald's spawn
Ewan's daughter Andi and Gerald's daughter Drea.
Total points for challenge: 425
05 = compost bin
10 = juicer
20 = sprinkler systems x4
30 = extra greenhouse x1
30 = own pond w/fish
30 = fishing items displayed from pond
20 = gardening club
20 = zone for predestined hobby x2
180= harvest plant while thriving x12 (1 apple, 1 lemon, 6 pole bean, 4 cucumber)
20 = plantsim made
15 = plantsims spawned
15 = extreme start
30 = zone for nature x2, tinker x1, art x3

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Vix said...

"Look how the snow dusts it. Cute, huh? My friend who designs games says no one notices these things, but I do."
You know---I too am one of the few that notice the little unconsequential things that game designers add....I love those bits....the not so obvious is much easier for me to notice than the obvious at times. I loved the snow dust since the first snow my sims ever received...and love it so much more now I have a comp that can really let me see all the niceties. There are tags and stickers and all kinds of goodies all over the objects that I never was able to notice before recently.