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Cassada play 15 - Leo, Robin & kids

Robin loves being a mommy even though she's a knowledge sim trying to become a mad scientist. She's huge and always tired, but enjoying the extra rest and filling out the study chair quite a bit.
Leo's sister Moora, the interior designer, made him some new furniture. So you'll appreciate it, here's a before shot. Notice the couches and study chair.
Voila! Cheese themed furniture. Look how the cushions appear to be slightly melted bits of cheddar over a munster base with a creamy baby swiss cushion. Oh, he could just kiss that sister of his!
Also a new set of table and chairs. I thought the one in the corner would have a pathing problem, but no.
And Leo, the grilled cheese sim's, favorite piece of furniture, the wedge of cheese table. There's one in the bedroom and another in the mudroom/entranceway.
"Whoooooo, new furniture. Raise the roof!"
Something is so wrong about the giantly pregnant woman massaging her unemployed husband.
Leo can't wait for another disciple into the wonders of the Way of Cheese. "What do you want, Leo, a boy or a girl?"

"Oh, a boy, I think. We already have a girl."
"Yeah, but she's adopted. I'd be happy either way.""Who's a gouda boy?"

"Leo, stop it!"

"We can call him Garganzola."

"Leo! No, c'mon now. You're kidding, I hope. We're not naming him - or her - anything weird."
Lakshimi was growing up fine. She'd picked this toy out for herself when she and Leo had gone clothes shopping at C Mart. She's always surprised when the jack pops out of the box.
What's that gross stuff, Leo? An omelet? Why'd you make yourself that when all you want is to eat 200 grilled cheese sandwiches?

"Um, I don't know. I'm really tired. And it has cheese in it. No, you're right. Maybe I'm getting sick. Check for fever?"
While Leo rests up in the yard, let's check back in with Robin. She's nearly due.
"I swear, if I get any bigger, whales will adopt me as their baby! I've even got a pale seam about to burst down the middle of my otherwise normal-colored abdomen. Strange stuff."
Luckily she didn't have to wait much longer for daughter Maureen to be born. Ah, those Fanboy eyes. Bald as a cue ball.
Leo was a doting father, often just sitting with Maureen in the girls' room, watching them both sleep. Leo knew soon enough Maureen would be Lakshimi's age and Lakshimi would be, well, let's not think of that just yet.
After begging for over a year, Leo finally relented and let Lakshimi have a pet. He expected a kitten or a puppy but she fell in love with this...this...rat, Pandy.Leo is afraid of it. "Honey, look, its trying to escape. Let's take it back and get a nice normal pet fo you.

"I love this one, Daddy Leo. Pandy's my friend. He's not trying to escape. They always do that."

Unfortunately, he did it so often that he woke up the girls with his incessant scratching on the plastic cage and had to be moved into the hall.
Let's play outside, away from that rat, Lakshimi. You play there and I'll just be right
There are drawbacks to sharing a room with an infant, like the diaper smell.
And the crying in the middle of the night. Sometimes Lakshimi just slept with Daddy Leo while Mommy Robin tended to Maureen.
The social worker who had approved the adoption stopped by one lazy Saturday morning to find Lakshimi in good care and good spirits.
As was Robin.
Robin has been working on a grant funded project to cure Pinkitis. Her work doesn't keep her long hours, but is still demanding, but she enjoys the challenges.
Of course, we'd all heard the news about Cass recovering parts of her memory and having had the baby, Giana, and marrying Alessandro. But things were weird somehow and she and Robin hadn't seen much of each other in awhile.

"Hi, Leo. Is Robin home? I'd like to speak with her."

"She's inside. I'm just going to the store. Can I bring back anything for you?"

"That's sweet, Leo. No, thanks. I just need to talk with Robin. See you in a bit."
"Robin, thanks for meeting with me. Listen, you were a good friend to me, but when I started to tell you I'd recovered some memories, you pulled away. There's more to tell and I want to be honest with you, to regain that friendship."

Then Cass told Robin a version of the story that she had devised to keep Jordy out of trouble and reclaim her friendship with Robin, but denying the entire truth, although she had come to accept it for herself. "Robin, I was married to a man named Mestral Aha, who has since passed away. He and I had children together. I developed this amnesia and moved awhile for awhile, I guess. Some things still aren't clear. Anyhow, I don't know who Giana's father is, but I know Alessandro wants to be and I want to let him. You know how I care for Alessandro and how he loves me. He's accepted that we may never know who Giana's birth father is, but we don't care to find out. That's past and I'm moving forward. I want you to be in that future as my friend."
"Um, Cass, look...maybe you'll just say I'm immature or something, but I'm just not ready to be friends again. I don't know, maybe someday. But right now, things are kind of fine without you. I don't mean to be hurtful, I just..."
"I just don't know. There's some rumors going around that you were friends with Jordy and that maybe Giana is his and I just can't deal with that. Not from my father-in-law, the man who raised 10 great kids, including my husband and your husband. I just, I'm not ready. I'm sorry."
"Okay, Robin. I was prepared to hear that as an answer. I was hoping for a different one. But, hey, if you are ever ready to be friends with me, or if you ever want or need me, I'm a phone call away. I'll go now." And that was the last time Cass phoned Robin.
I'll spare you most of the "growing up" pictures but that Maureen is a toddler.
This deserved a special capture - an entire house full of platinum plumbobs at the exact same time - I did not plan this!
Just for fun, one more.
Lakshimi is friends with bratty cousin Giselle.
But grows up into quite a looker. She also starts going by a nickname: Kishi. Leo thinks its cute, Robin hates it. Maureen isn't talking much yet.
Pandy is still her responsibility. Leo won't go near it and wishes they could put it on the girls' patio so he didn't have to pass it all the time.
Kishi is friends with uncle Jeremy, who drops by frequently.
Maureen also enjoys the jack in the box.
And the sit and spin. Aw, it's a hard life, isn't it, Leo?
Maureen as a child.
Kishi keeps from overheating by exercising in the snow. Interesting. Also, it doesn't help. Shame.After maxing out cooking skill, Leo buys the Rose restaurant and turns it into a fine-dining establishment serving nothing but various custom ordered grilled cheese sandwiches. His favorite? [I know you were wondering] Pepper jack on honey wheat with cabernet butter, a crisp pickle, and a cup of tomato soup.
Sure, Giselle, you can bring a friend. Er, I thought she'd be a child, not an old woman. Oh, your nanny. Okay, I guess. Strange.
Things are back to routine. Leo gives Robin a nightly massage.
Kishi does homework.
Robin goes to work. She had a presentation to give for additional funding this day and wore a suit. I was thinking "oh, she looks smart" until I took down the walls...
Kishi, who had been working at a music store and playing bass at home, trying to form a band of her own with little success (teenagers are unmotivated, it seems), got fired from her job.
"A drug test? At a music store? I hope my parents don't find out. Daddy Leo would kill me." Don't worry, she learned her lesson and won't be experimenting with any more drugs at her friends' parties again. She really loved that job too.
"Does this private school drug test?"

"Why would you ask that, young lady?"

"Erm, uh, would you like a tour of the house?"
Leo attempts to find out if this private school is good enough for his kids. Apparently not. Robin smooths things over with the headmaster and the kids get in.
But before they start the rigorous new school, they take the break to visit a far away place in the Orient.
Kishi rakes rocks
The girls share a room, again.
Leo and Robin have a private breakfast nook overlooking the koi pond.
And a fancy bed.
Maureen swears she met Alice from Wonderland, but she wasn't in any hurry to find a rabbit or anything else.
Did you see the movie 1408? You should. There's one terrific line near the last 15 minutes that gives the movie an extra star in my opinion. Fantastic. Anyhow, if you saw the movie, you'll find this amusing. If not, go rent it.
I'll leave you here. The family is going on a helicopter tour of the bamboo gardens. And tomorrow I'm boarding my own flight. See you in a week or so.

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I had to read it two times! Great photos. As for Perth, couldn't he go on a pilgrimage of sorts? Seeking the mysteries of life only to discover that the real mystery of life is in learning to appreciate those around you and who love you and not to dream of what might have been because in doing so you miss out on the life you actually have. ~Vandi