Saturday, August 30, 2008

Apartment Life Screenies

Here's a few snippets from AL from my first day of play. I used a pre-made family, who turns out to be in a trailer park, a single adult female named Jessica.

You get a new neighborhood.

Trailer home - great for a grandma!Skeezy trailer park with community mail box.
The neighbors - the trampy girl I get, but two guys in matching suits and sneakers who don't live together? There's no secret society here.
Springy llama toys - adorable! And a spinning merry-go-round type toy. Not sure if they're decorative or functional yet. Adults cannot use them.
New furniture. The bed vibrates. My husband was like "um, what?"
Don't you hate when the dog watches you?
Medicine cabinets. This one was not reflective.
New hygeines instead of showering all the time.
That's it. Was only about an hour of game play.

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