Friday, October 26, 2007

Cassada Test 1

I got my copy of Cassada today. Only had 2 hours to play today, but got to try a few things. I learned that I'm not great at following directions, but am excellent at figuring things out. I couldn't properly install the neighborhood with the directions I think I remembered so I figured it out and it worked that time. Good enough.

I created a Sim. Meet Jordy Fanboy. I figure I'm such a fanboy by playing Cassada anyhow that I might as well embrace it. He just looked like a Jordy to me. This is one of 3 custom outfits in menswear for me and the only custom hair for men. He's sporting a lip piercing courtesy of EA as well as a watch. I dig it.Jordy is a fortune sim and his LTW is to be chief of staff. Boring! The first few hours, after placing him in BV House (one of the ones that came with the game), I sent him to several stores for furnishings. He chatted briefly with 2 people at each location.

His home visitors were Robot Overlord, and and something. Anyhow, the one near Overlord tried to tickle Overlord, showing her subordination and Overlord put her in her place firmly. Here, she begs his forgiveness that he might not smite her readily and triumphantly.
Things I noticed so far:
The electronics store does not have a front door.
The furniture is unbuyable. I tried to get a bed and a table, but they're not marked for purchase.

The furniture store did indeed have cat customers. Jordy wanted to talk to one of them but I canceled the action it before he got near Mr. Fluffikins to introduce himself. The flying cats look like bad wire fu movies. Made me laugh.Jordy went home and purchased a fridge, a little table, a couple of chairs, the necessities. Tomorrow he'll visit elsewhere. I told you, I had only a short time to both play and blog this.

I'll keep you posted!


Cassandra said...

Thanks FF. The reason Allied doesn't have furniture for sale is because it has to be owned to mark stuff for sale. C-Mart should work as advertised unless I forgot to mark things for sale there/ponder/.

CDC Electronics doesn't have a door? Wow...where was my head!? Thanks for the update so far.

For me I have a new hood set up and am about to test one of the lots that I packaged. Wish me luck!

Cassandra said...

So far my testing has gone well. Cassada Main is all set up and working properly including the motel!

I started on CCD today as well and the electronics store has a door for me...

No bugs and everyone is changing into uniforms right away like good little worker bees:)

Hope you're having fun!